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Giannandrea's experience in developing Google's internet search, Gmail and Google Assistant products puts him in the ideal place to help improve Apple's AI offerings across its products and services. At the time, John pointed towards Google Home as a hint of what's coming.

And so the news that Apple has hired Google search and AI chief John Giannandrea to head its AI efforts henceforth could not be more dramatic.

Apple competes with companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook but while the iPhone and Mac computers are considered best in the business, they lack the smart features that Android phone have. Apple's new iOS and WatchOS added more Siri functions, and the new HomePod home speaker is run nearly entirely through Siri. Though Apple tapped into the early market for digital assistants with Siri, it has since been outpaced by rivals due to less data access, resources and research talent. As per reports, Giannandrea will be the leader in machine learning and AI strategy at Apple.

Giannandrea will likely be tasked with fixing Siri at Apple, which has been deemed "embarrassingly inadequate" in new products like the HomePod.

In an email written to employees, Cook announced that Giannandrea was joining Apple.

He was said to have left Google on Monday (2 April), according to The Information.

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Giannandrea becomes one of the 16 executives who reports directly to Apple chief executive, Tim Cook.

Talking about the future of the technology, John Giannandrea also mentioned the possibility of personalized "pervasive computing", where the capacities of the computer to assist humans would be infused in the entire environment rather than shrinking into the mobile phones.

He joined Google in 2010 when it purchased Metaweb, a startup where he served as chief technology officer.

Apple has a very strict policy when it comes to the handling of personal data of its users. Machine learning experts are in high demand in Silicon Valley, with salaries often exceeding eight figures.

Giannandrea is a huge win for Apple as the company is hustling to make progress in the fast-moving and imperative AI technologies like computer vision, neural networks, deep learning and NLP.