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Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, now Trump's energy secretary, also sent about 1,000 Guard members to the border in 2014 in response to a surge in the number of unaccompanied immigrant children crossing the Rio Grande, the river that separates the USA and Mexico in the state.

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, provided to ship members of his state's Guard as correctly.

With Trump's plans to send 4,000 troops to the border, it would be reasonable to suspect the cost for the latest border control measure would also fall somewhere near $100,000 per troop, per year.

There is not a end date for the deployment, Abbott talked about: "We may be on this for the prolonged haul".

Some Guard members will be armed if they are placed in potential danger, Abbott said.

Arizona deployed its first 225 National Guard members to the Mexican border on Monday after President Donald Trump ordered thousands of troops to the frontier region to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

But three Republican governors from border states (Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) all said they support the plan and would deploy Guard members. They will only serve as an extra set of eyes patrolling the border and assisting law enforcement. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has not said if his state's Guard members will participate. Certainly, Brown doesn't lose points among her core supporters when she takes any kind of stand against Trump.

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Ducey denied that his decision to send guard members to the border was politically motivated.

Asked about the possibility of building a border wall and overall enhanced security efforts, Horace said "it looks like the issue works for the President". "We finally have an administration that's paying attention to the border", he said, contending that Washington had ignored the security of Arizona's border for the past decade. "You show me somebody who's for drug cartels or human trafficking or this ammunition that's coming over a wide open and unprotected border here".

A spokesman for Ducey said Friday that the deployment would be funded under a federal law called Title 32. And the Texas Military Department, the umbrella agency over the Texas National Guard branches, said on its Twitter account that it would hold a Friday night news conference on its preparations, though further details were not immediately available.

The U.S. military is largely prohibited from engaging in domestic law enforcement like arresting undocumented immigrants at the border.

Ducey initially said Arizona would send more troops on Tuesday but did not specify how many.

Trump's has explained he wishes to make use of the military at the edge ahead of advancement was created on his proposed boundary wall, " which has largely postponed in Congress.

Apprehensions are still well below their historical trends during the terms of former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama, both of whom also deployed the Guard to the border.