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The new features aim at improving e-mail privacy by limiting a message's access to the recipient for a specific period of time.

For instance, when a ProtonMail user sends an expiring message to another ProtonMail user, it looks like a regular email in the inbox.

Working on an email service is hard as you have to be compatible with all sorts of email providers and email clients.

One downside to the new Gmail design and the self-destructing emails is that it's now unclear whether the feature will work on clients other than Google.

TechCrunch has screenshots detailing the feature from the pre-release version of Gmail.

In the compose screen, there's a tiny lock icon called "confidential mode".

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Additionally, when viewing a confidential email, Google reportedly disables the ability to copy or print anything in the email - though as the images in TechCrunch's story prove, there's nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or even a picture with a nearby smartphone. The sender can then pick an expiration date for the email, and optionally require an SMS passcode to open the email.

Trying to inject a new feature into the email standard is a tough nut to crack. In addition, there will be the features like "Smart Replies" with Gmail.com that delivers mechanical replies (powered by machine-learning concept) to the email accounts, which can be delivered with one click. Calendar information has been also brought up straight within Gmail, which works fantastic for scheduling dates, meetings. However, that doesn't seem to stop Google, as the company is now going beyond the POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols.

A new design for Gmail will be rolled out in the "coming weeks".

His colleague Charles Murito, Google country head for Kenya, added that "Someone in Turkana [in northern Kenya] shouldn't have any worse an experience than someone in NY just because they don't have as good a device or connection".

"Weak data connectivity, high data costs and low RAM or storage space often makes it hard for people to get the most out of the internet; Google Go is built to handle these challenges, " she said.