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Kimmel ended the fighting on Sunday with a tweet apologizing for bringing the LGBTQ community into the vitriol, saying, "I, too, will give my words more thought...." "From my point of view, it's over with Jimmy Kimmel", he declared. Hannity called it a "disgusting" attack on Mrs. Trump and it earned Kimmel the nickname "a** clown". Kimmel fired back during his own show before the two TV personalities took their quarrel to Twitter. "Kimmel Backs Down", said the graphic over Hannity's left shoulder as he recounted his feud with the "liberal" comedian.

He did, however, say Kimmel's "forced Disney corporate apology" seemed to be geared more towards the gay community, which was offended by homosexual jokes about President Trump. "Mrs. Trump nearly certainly has enough to worry about without being used as a prop to increase TV ratings".

On Monday night, Hannity kept his audience on their toes for the better part of his show until he finally addressed Kimmel's attempt to end their week-long feud.

"While I admit I did have fun with our back and forth, after some thought, I realize that the level of vitriol from all sides (mine and me included) does nothing good for anyone and, in fact, is harmful to our country", Kimmel tweeted. "You could be first lady of the United States". "Attacking the First Lady for her accent while reading to kids is just one small example, but it's a line in the sand for me. Why don't you rant a little about that, Sean Hannity?".

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Kimmel called out Hannity's hypocrisy by referencing Hannity's support for people like Roy Moore and Bill O'Reilly, both of whom have been accused of sexually assaulting or harassing women. "I assume he is honest".

The fight with Hannity migrated to social media, too, with Hannity digging up old clips of Kimmel engaging in crude sexual humor on The Man Show, which Kimmell co-hosted from 1999 until 2003. Kimmel had previously tweeted to Hannity, "When your clown makeup rubs off on Trump's ass, does it make his butt look like a Creamsicle?" However, Hannity said he assumes Kimmel's statement was "sincere" and that he would accept the funnyman's apology.

Watch the full video of Hannity's response above. Sean Hannity has as of Monday night invited you onto his show to discuss the issues. "I promise no name calling, no anger, no rehashing of the Twitter fight", he said.