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"She was so unbelievably good that it literally took the air out of the room. She was such a thrill to be around".

"He likes to say that I had no idea who he was, but then you knew I liked you, so it's real", she added to People.

"And then [my friend] goes, 'Oh, my God, there's my friend John.' And that was it". Luckily we are still friends'.

"Not to mention all the stuff I put her through in the movie. But it's thrilling that a horror film is creating those kinds of conversations".

Putting his jokes aside, John shared a loving sentiment with the audience as he confessed: "I know this will sound sappy, but working with her really was the greatest collaboration of my life". "I'd heard she was a diva".

The 38-year-old actor has been married to the "Edge of Tomorrow" actress - with whom he has four-year-old Hazel and 21-month-old Violet - since 2010, and believes he has managed to find a wife that is way out of his league.

Astros' Keuchel gives up 7 hits in 5-1 loss to Rangers
The Astros took the shift to an extreme against Texas left-handed slugger Joey Gallo , who hit 41 homers last season. Hinch said the Astros will determine after the first five games if Gurriel is healthy enough to join the team.

Despite having been married for nearly eight years, the actor added that he still struggles to get over how good of an actress his wife is, with him telling the talk show host that he's seen her movie "The Devil Wears Prada" approximately 72 times.

'It's actually a love letter to my kids - it shows the extremes you would go to for your children'. The family seems retrograde in its gender roles, though this will be reversed by the film's end, when the deaf daughter (Wonderstruck's Millicent Simmonds) proves both resourceful and courageous.

The Young Victoria actress recently revealed how she first met her now-husband despite declaring shortly before that she "loved being single".

John soon had to explain who he was visiting in England and when he revealed his wife is Emily Blunt, the Customs agent responded "You?!" before he stamped his passport.

Blunt was in a relationship with crooner Michael Buble for three years before meeting John in 2008 and marrying in an idyllic ceremony in Como Italy two years later.