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O'Neil said Trump need only look back a few years for evidence of how U.S. -Mexico border security has improved. "We're only going to work in the best interest of the Mexicans".

He plans on getting permission from the Mexican government to travel freely through the country and ask for asylum near the United States border.

Announcing the National Guard move on Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen pointed to what she described as increasing fraud and exploited loopholes among arrivals on the southern border.

The threats of violence and sexual assault faced by Central American women on their journey to the USA, which are documented by human rights group Amnesty International, have always been a talking point on the far right and used to argue for tighter US immigration laws.

The migrants had been camped out at a sports field in southern Oaxaca since the weekend.

Some Central American migrants moving as a caravan through Mexico will reportedly break up into smaller groups to try and cross the US border.

The midterm elections have been a priority this year in the USA, but the country also has a stake in the presidential election in Mexico. -Mexican border to beef up security.

He added that his administration "has no choice but to act".

Once troops make it to the border, there are restrictions on what they can do. In a barrage of tweets, he threatened to end the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to punish Mexico for not detaining immigrants, blamed Democrats for weak immigration laws, and boldly exclaimed that DACA, the program to help students and professionals brought to the United States as children, was dead.

Trump issued an order on Wednesday to send members of the National Guard down to the southern border for protection.

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"The bilateral relationship entails enormous opportunities that should benefit both nations", he said.

"My mission is to reach Tijuana, even if I have to beg for money and hitchhike", she said.

It began with a tweet on Easter Sunday where Trump warned that if Mexico didn't stop a caravan of migrants from reaching the USA border he would end Nafta.

The caravan itself never meant to reach the US border. "And yesterday, it came out where this journey coming up, women are raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before". Some of the participants have made a decision to stay in Mexico as a result.

In his first tweet of the day Thursday, Trump noted the feared caravan invasion was no longer a threat, then shifted the focus to illegal drug smuggling.

The migrants are part of a so-called caravan, trekking across Mexico as part of an annual effort to raise awareness about migrants' plights while also helping some make the risky journey.

The numbers remain quite low by historical standards, however, tracking closely with figures from recent years in which the number of people apprehended crossing the border rose sharply in the spring. The AP reports it here and the Arizona Republic reports it here.

Central American migrants headed to Mexico City late Friday to give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the last stop for many on a caravan that drew criticism from President Donald Trump.

Santiago: By focusing so much attention on the caravan, Donald Trump has scared some, and emboldened others. "The Mexican government has stated to the US government that if the announced deployment of the National Guard results in the militarization of the border, it would seriously damage the bilateral relationship", says the press release. But Mexico has given many participants transit or humanitarian visas which could allow some to reach the border.

In March, 37,393 immigrants were caught along the Southwest border, the highest monthly total since December 2016. DACA recipients deserve a permanent solution to their uncertain immigration through providing them permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship.