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At the time, Sessions was concerned Trump was close to dismissing Rosenstein because the president was furious about the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on the office of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. He apparently has convinced the president to not fire special counsel Robert Mueller or Rosenstein himself, by telling Trump he is not the "target" of the Russian Federation or Michael Cohen investigations.

In an interview this month on Fox News, Mr. Nunes threatened to hold Mr. Rosenstein in contempt or even impeach him if he failed to turn over the complete copy of the F.B.I. memo justifying the initiation of the counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign.

Griffin said one reason Trump is being treated as a subject, rather than a target, may be that Rosenstein is operating under assumption that a sitting president can not be indicted.

"This is 'according to people with whom the president has spoken, '" he tweeted. Trump may not officially be a target, but Mueller hasn't ruled out making him one at some point in the future, according to a USA official with knowledge of the unfolding investigation.

Whereas Trump has made Periods a daily public punching bag, attacking him on a number of events, such a resignation would threat plunging the White Home into disaster.

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"We want to get the investigation over with, done with - put it behind us", Trump told reporters this week, arguing that the Mueller probe has become an unnecessary distraction. He has regularly sought guidance from the White House about Rosenstein's standing with the president and asked about his interactions with Trump, this official said.

"They've been saying I'm going to get rid of them for the last three months, four months, five months", Trump said while in Florida.

Trump has sparred repeatedly with Sessions though the punches have been thrown nearly exclusively by the president. Jerry Brown in particular over the state's policies on illegal immigration.

Sessions himself was thought to be a target of Trump last summer. Last week's meeting was set up in part to allow Rosenstein to assuage Trump's frustration with his decisions.

The relationship between Sessions and Rosenstein - and their staffs - has been strained at times over the first year of the Trump administration.