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A second video, which is full of disgusting sexual humor, also shows members mimicking sexual assault on a disabled person, CBS News reports.

Amid ongoing investigations, the fraternity chapter insist that the video was meant to be "satirical" and that they were deliberately acting like an intolerant person for the goal of the "sketch".

"It's bigger than the video, bigger than this one frat - because, believe me, this is not an isolated incident at 'cuse - and it's honestly bigger than Syracuse University", said Elen Pease, who graduated from SU in 2017. He also noted there are other videos that have not been made public and that the school's response has been limited because "we do not reveal evidence in an ongoing potential criminal and judicial investigation so as not to prejudice that investigation and so as not to enable those being investigated to escape responsibility for all of their actions".

The phrase repeated in the video, "I solemnly swear always to have hatred in my heart..." was followed by racial slurs that many news outlets refrained from including.

Still more videos are under investigation, Syverud said Sunday.

He also said individual students could be expelled or suspended as a result of Theta Tau's involvement in the creation of a video Syverud called "racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, ableist and sexist". "Anyone of color or of any marginalized group who has seen this video has every right to be angry and upset with the despicable contents of that video", it said.

In another recording, the people involved pretend to perform sexual acts on each other.

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Maldonado says the students were removed from class "out of an abundance of caution" and that alternative class and study arrangements are being made for them.

The university said it received the second video Wednesday.

"The new members roasted him by playing the part of a racist conservative character".

It said the organization would never demand new members to recite the kind of language in the video and that the fraternity was not a place of hate. "It was a satirical sketch of an uneducated, racist, homophobic, misogynist, sexist, ableist and intolerant person", according to the fraternity.

He has since announced that there would be a review of the Greek system across the university.

"The young man playing the part of this character nor the young man being roasted do not hold any of the terrible views espoused as a part of that sketch", the statement claimed.