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Almost half of the 616 US corporations worth $20 billion or more didn't have to worry about IRS auditors' catching mistakes - unintentional or otherwise - on their annual tax returns because federal officials didn't subject them to reviews, according to data obtained by a nonprofit government watchdog.

But that's no reason to rush through it. Tax preparers like Tammy Pedersen-Marker from H&R Block say while the deadline nears, there's still time to make sure all is in order. The IRS will give you the chance to question or appeal what you owe. If you're filing jointly, your spouse must sign, too.

Need more time to file?

"In fact, these 331 audits a year ago uncovered much more tax underreporting ($10.4 billion) than was turned up in the combined 933,785 audits of tax returns filed by all individuals ($9.0 billion)". Remember that in addition to a penalty for late payment, there is also interest charged by the IRS that is compounded daily.

So don't leave anything out. First, you might get a refund based upon a deduction you did not know about.

"Fraudsters are using very clever tactics to get a hold of your personal information and submit false tax claims", said Julian Sullivan, president.

"There may not be as many actual IRS audits, but notices seem to be more prevalent addressing specific issues, such as proof of mortgage interest deduction or charitable contributions", Fleetwood said. By appointment, they can also work through back taxes or help you file for returns since 2014.

To make these determinations, you will likely have to go back through your bank or wallet receipts and emails to find out what you paid for a cryptocurrency in USA dollars (or the US dollar equivalent of another cryptocurrency) to determine the cost basis of the property in question.

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USA residents who choose LIFO or Average Cost will likely be under-reporting their 2017 tax liability.

You should know that the IRS will never demand immediate payment, threaten to call police or immigration, or ask for unusual payments like gift cards or wire transfers. If you were among those who ramped up their donations, make sure you get credit for all of your good deeds. It's a sizeable credit with an average amount of more than $2,400. For example, generally capital losses of individual taxpayers (as opposed to ordinary losses, which are subject to special rules) are limited to $3,000 per year.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, a CPA and tax expert from Turbo Tax, suggested keeping a folder by your mail so you can instantly drop the paperwork in and keep everything in one place.

Keep a copy of the return.

Though it's been a years-long nationwide scam, Attorney General Tom Miller is again alerting Iowans about the ongoing IRS scam now that it is tax filing season. Ironically, the national debate over tax reform continues, even as we consistently fail to collect those taxes already on the books.

By waiting until the last minute, you increase your risk of mistakes. And along with those forms, Mann also recommends compiling all your log-in information for applicable websites, like your company's intranet or a student loan lender, so you can access the information if you misplace some paperwork.

A key security issue in the mortgage-related portion of the program is whether the third-party "requester" of a transcript has been properly vetted by the IRS and found eligible to receive transcripts.