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The protest was the latest in a wave of actions and strikes this year by teachers in states including West Virginia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado who feel lawmakers have failed to adequately pay teachers and provide for schools.

Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, has called for an 8 percent raise, with additional raises for teachers with more than 25 years of experience.

NC State alum Alexandria Pitts ('15) teaches at Paw Creek Elementary School in Charlotte and is exhausted of hearing empty words of support from legislators.

According to the National Education Association, North Carolina teachers ranked 39th in average teacher pay previous year, with an average salary of $49,970.

Despite a milder official designation, however, John Wood - a teacher at Research Triangle High School, a public charter school near Durham - said that teachers had turned out en masse as a direct challenge to politicians who have consistently pursued party interests over their demands.

But these Republican leaders appear determined not to change course under pressure, and North Carolina educators aren't unionized, so they have fewer options for organized protest than teachers in some of these other states.

Protesters say that as class sizes rise while materials for students across the state become more limited, their primary concern is ensuring that students have all of the resources they need to be successful. They also don't want lawmakers to pass any more corporate tax cuts until the per pupil spending reaches the national average.

More than 10,000 N.C. teachers marched at the state capital Wednesday for the first day of the short legislative session, calling for pay raises and more spending on schools.

New teachers in SC bring home a little more than $33,057, both are below the national average.

More than three dozen school districts that together educate more than two-thirds of the state's 1.5 million public school students have chose to close classrooms to allow for the show of strength by the teachers and their advocacy group.

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The gavels went down on the House and Senate shortly after noon Wednesday, amid galleries full of teacher support clad in red shirts.

"That just tells me all I need to know", Butler said.

He says as they shape the minds of our young people, educators should be considered well-respected members of society and given resources, like a decent pension.

"They keep giving tiny raises and taking so much away from the kids", said Holdridge, who came to the Legislative Building ahead of the march to lobby legislators.

"We are now about $2,400 below the national average in how we fund our public school children", Jewell said at a news conference in Raleigh earlier this week.

Teachers are now scheduled to receive a six-percent pay raise next year, but Cooper is calling on state legislators to bump that pay increase to eight percent. She said lawmakers and state government have let teachers down by failing to equip them properly to do their job.

"All of this will be fruitless unless we take this energy and passion to the ballot box and change those who are making the policy", Jewell said. "They deserve safe schools and schools that are not crumbling and in disrepair".

Simmons, a seventh-grade teacher at Ashley Park, spoke with fellow teachers near the entrance of the park Wednesday, as he held a poster that said "Because of teacher pay, ramen noodles are my bae".

But with the Great Recession in the past and the state's financial stability restored, teachers say it's time to catch up on deferred school spending. "This semester, one of my former students approached me and pulled out her AP history book smiling because my name was in the front cover".