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A teenage girl in Sudan who killed a man who tried raping her has been sentenced to death. "She stood for her rights".

Hammad was married against her wish to Abdulrahman Hammad at the age of 16, with the first marriage ceremony involving the signing of a marriage contract between her father and her husband, Amnesty International said.

Rights activists have campaigned on behalf of Noura on social media and a #JusticeForNoura hashtag has trended on Twitter. She ran away from home and sought refuge at her aunt's house for three years until she was tricked into returning home by her family. "One held her chest and head, the others held her legs", Al-Imam told the news outlet.

When the husband returned the next day to repeat the crime, She stabbed him a number of times till he died.

Although, Hussein had supporters who filled the courtroom and even extended outside the room, she was sentenced to death by a judge on May 10. Her husband's family refused an option to pardon her and turned down an offer to be compensated financially, requesting instead that she be executed.

Her legal team has at least 15 days to appeal the judgement.

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Now she awaits the death penalty.

Yasmeen Hassan of Equality Now, one of the groups seeking to have the conviction overturned, told BBC News the verdict had not surprised her. He added that Hussein was abandoned not only by the law, but also by her family.

"Sudan is an extremely patriarchal place and gender norms are very strongly enforced", she said.

Hussein refused to accept it, running away to live with a relative in a neighbouring city for almost three years, according to Amnesty International and other activists involved in her case.

Amnesty International said the sentencing of a woman to death for "killing her rapist husband in self-defence" highlighted the "failure of the authorities to tackle child marriage, forced marriage and marital rape". The law also allows for a 10-year-old girl to be married by their guardian with the permission of a judge.

"Noura Hussein is a victim and the sentence against her is an intolerable act of cruelty", Amnesty International's deputy regional director Seif Magango said in the statement.