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One of the many new announcements was the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, a new sort of expansion pass launching alongside Forsaken that will give players access to three new expansions after the launch of Forsaken. You can check out a video overview of the Forsaken expansion, below. If you're unfamiliar with Destiny 2, you can check out our review, and the latest expansion pack, Warmind. Yes, 8K! Check them out in the gallery below, or click on the following links (image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5) to see them in their full-resolution glory! Cayde 6 is also back with his shenanigans having his "impenetrable" prison filled to the brim with baddies having finally been breached with an overflow of villains that want Guardians dead.

There are two new locations which will be introduced in the next big expansion, The Tangled Shore and The Dreaming City which are both located at the Reef.

New weapons and armor in "Forsaken". Building on the most requested desire for a deep and rewarding endgame experience, Forsaken features "The Dreaming City" destination.

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Gambit is a 4v4 "hybrid" mode that will see two teams battling enemies in separate arenas, collecting and banking "motes" from fallen foes. You get to play how you want, whether it's Destiny 1's weapon slot system, Destiny 2's, or even insane new loadouts like triple-shotguns. "This new mode will be playable at E3 2018". Activision confirms that Forsaken will have "highly anticipated changes and features such as a new weapon slot system, improvements to the mods system, and numerous other quality-of-life improvements". Bungie is also adding Collections, a much-needed way to easily keep track of all your items and find out how to acquire new goodies.

The developers over at Bungie took to the official reveal to talk about all of the new additions to the game, including an incredibly high-tech bow and arrow that aims (pun intended) to challenge even the most powerful automatic weapon.

This winter, Bungie added, PVP quickplay will permanently change to 6v6, just like everyone wanted. The Digital Deluxe Edition of Forsaken comes with the expansion, the Annual Pass, pre-order bonuses, and the Awoken Legend set.