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First off, the map is four times the size of Fallout 4, set in the hills of West Virginia, and you're playing one of the vault dwellers who's the first to emerge into the Wasteland on Reclamation Day, just a few decades after the bombs fell.

Fallout 76 willl be out November 14, 2018, and will have a physical collector's edition. Featuring PvPvE gameplay, players can choose to work together or kill one another in this world.

A post from the official Bethesda Twitter account confirms this is the method and the second confirmation is via Fallout 76's Bethesda.net page. However, there is no set release date for the game at the moment. This space is used by other players, because Fallout 76 is entirely online. Typically, a beta occurs a month or two before release, so expect a Fallout 76 beta some time in September or October. Sporting dedicated servers, users will be able to rebuild society with their friends.

US Senators Introduce Bill Requiring Congressional Approval of Any Tariff Policy
It will be an enjoyable August", said Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner, who is head of the Republican Senate campaign arm. It could be subject to a parliamentary challenge over whether it's germane to the annual bill authorizing defense programs.

Bethesda has announced Starfield, their first original single-player franchise in 25 years (clearly they are referring to Bethesda Game Studios, or else they'd probably count Dishonored).

Head to the nuclear missile sites across the map, and if you manage to get into the bunkers you'll find those ever so deadly missiles.

Also, dying in Fallout 76 doesn't mean a loss of progression or a loss of your character. During its press conference earlier today, the company has officially announced the next chapter for one of its most well-known series, The Elder Scrolls. The publisher is also having mobile-only giveaways from June 11-13 to celebrate the game's third anniversary.