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Change is in the air for Missouri's Capitol, and Polk County itself, as Gov. Eric Greitens announced his upcoming resignation during a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

"The last few months have been incredibly hard, for me, for my family, for my team, for my friends and for many, many people that I love", he said, adding that he had not broken any laws or committed any crimes. She says he took a photo of her while she was partially nude and threatened to release it if she exposed their relationship.

Prior to taking office, Greitens had pledged to root out "corrupt career politicians", but his brief, 17-month tenure was plagued by scandal.

Gardner launched an investigation after Greitens admitted to a 2015 affair with his St. Louis hairdresser. The circuit attorney said she intends to refile the charge and may appoint a special prosecutor or one of her assistants to pursue the case.

Greitens' administration was thrown into chaos the night of January 10, when a St. Louis TV station aired a report about Greitens allegedly taking the compromising photo and threatening to blackmail the woman if she ever spoke of their encounter. He was facing possible impeachment.

A special House investigatory committee had subpoenaed Greitens to testify next Monday.

State Senate Democratic leader Gina Walsh said Greitens still needed to answer for the scandals, however.

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It ended in court, where on May 22 a judge ruled Rotondo had to move out and would not be given a six-month extension. His parents had said goodbye "more or less", he told reporters. "Get one - you have to work!" said one letter.

"It's clear that for the forces that oppose us, there is no end in sight", he said.

"I can not comment on what Jean Peters Baker would do with the privacy of invasion case", Gardner said.

A complaint also remains pending at the Missouri Ethics Commission alleging Greitens filed a false campaign report previous year about the source of the charity donor list.

"No matter what they throw at me, no matter how painful they try to make it, no matter how much suffering they want to put me and my family through and my team through. we are going to step forward day after day after day, and we are going to continue in our mission to fight for the people of Missouri", Greitens said then. "Ms. Baker has complete authority to do what she believes is the just thing to do based upon her evaluation of the case", Gardner said. Her office charged him with tampering with computer data for allegedly disclosing the donor list without the charity's permission. "I'm not flawless", he said Tuesday.

The governor's decision came after a judge compelled Greitens to release information about A New Missouri and any communications or coordination between the group and his own campaign fund, according to the St Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper.

Greitens had faced trial in early May on the invasion of privacy charge. She said that she developed a "crush" on Greitens, but when she saw him in the salon in March 2015, he "moved his hand up her leg "all the way up to [her] crotch" without her consent". Greitens had hoped to be acquitted, which Roe said would have allowed him to mount a full defense against the potential House impeachment proceedings.

Greitens was elected governor in 2016, defeating Democrat Chris Koster 51-46 percent.