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According to SFGAte.com, Ettel may not have the credentials to conduct her for-profit venture, Treatwell, unlike the 8-year-old she tried to chase out of her proximity.

The video shows the woman making a phone call and Austin confronting her.

When asked about Ettel telling Huffington Post she felt bad about the situation, Austin told USA Today she didn't accept any apology.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Jordan's mom, Erin Austin, said that the woman, now known as "Permit Patty", told her daughter, "If you don't show me a permit, I'm calling the cops".

Austin says, "There are so many people reaching out, a man in Austin, Texas sent me a receipt to pick up 12 cases of water ... a D.C. collective owner (black woman) is in S.F.to meet my daughter and take our family out to dinner".

She also said she didn't actually call police but was "pretending".

Said Ettel: "Yeah, and um, illegally selling water without a permit?"

Jordan was selling the water bottles outside the family's apartment building, which is across the street from AT&T Stadium, where the Giants were playing that day, Austin said.

Posts of the video to Instagram and Twitter, which dubbed the woman on the phone #PermitPatty, went viral Saturday.

Trump wants those who ‘invade' sent right back
Intense criticism of the policy caused Trump to sign an executive order last week to end the separation of families. Trump posted on Twitter Sunday afternoon.

In her interview with Today, Austin invoked the issue of white privilege. Or that other other a white woman called campus police because two Native American boys were on a college tour.

She says she has even received death threats.

Ettel said she was working in her office when she first heard the "screaming". With the hashtag #PermitPatty, Twitter users began to tear into Ettel.

Alison Ettel, 44, rang 911 on Friday after noticing her neighbour Jordan Rodgers selling bottled water to people on the sidewalk outside their San Francisco apartment block.

"If it was heartfelt, then we would have gotten it over the weekend when we were still outside selling water", said Austin. "Whether she's black, brown, orange, yellow, purple", Austin told Inside Edition. However, in light of its worldwide controversy, retailers have announced that they will no longer sell her company's products because of the incident.

Ettel also said that she never called to report Jordan, but rather to inquire about whether what the mother and daughter were doing was legal.

But, although Pearl believes the apology is genuine, "she still did it", and Ettel's tears can not reverse her behavior in Pearl's opinion.

"We just can not support someone who behaves in such a way", Magnolia manager Ruby Pearl told KTVU on Monday, despite the products doing very well at her shop.

She said that she didn't close the windows of her office because it was too hot and that it wouldn't have stopped the noise.