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"Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the frightful statements made and said about me on ABC".

Roseanne Barr's ex-husband Tom Arnold has claimed his former partner wanted her sitcom to be cancelled, as he weighed in on the tweets which caused her show to be axed by ABC. I'd worked doing publicity4 them 4free for weeks, traveling, thru bronchitis.

I begged for my crews jobs.

In another tweet Barr apologised to actor Jayden Rey, who played Mary Connor, the daughter of DJ and his African American wife Geena on the show.

"I also told Ben Sherman that I would go in hospital to check my meds, bc the stress had made them less effective". "And he said to me, 'Oh my gosh, you married up in the world.' And he goes, 'Roseanne was disgusting...' Like, you know what, no matter what kind of divorce you had, that's a weird thing to say".

She previously said: "I think Joe Rogan is right about Ambien".

Trump to remove tariff exemption from EU, Canada, Mexico
With those 30 days now elapsed, the administration has this time gone the other direction and removed the exemptions. Mr Trump's trade envoy also brushed off trade war concerns, saying that "even real wars end with negotiations".

She further apologised to those who had lost their jobs over the matter, including Goodman, but also condemned cast members who "threw me under the bus". "Will I ever recover from this pain? omg".

"Angrily attacking a woman who is obviously not well does no good to anyone.mental health issues are real. I made a mistake I wish I hadn't but...don't defend it please. ty". The infamous tweet Roseanne wrote called a black former Obama aide was the "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby", so that first point isn't in contention. "I figured someone would take her phone away or monitor her", he said.

"It's a joke", she wrote in response to a CNN reporter.

She is embracing a discredited conspiracy theory that blamed the cancellation of her show on a shadowy coalition of Twitter users known as the FBR, which is short for "Follow Back Resistance". ABC, however, was not amused or forgiving as the network chose to cease all production of the series, stating the star's comments were "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values".

When asked if he was aware of rumors he might get his own show, presumably a "Roseanne" spinoff, Goodman replied, "Then you've heard more than I have".

The network had already ordered a second season of "Roseanne", which was one of the most-watched shows on TV.