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The North Korean delegation is heading to Washington D.C., where they will deliver a letter to President Trump from Kim.

U.S. officials now expect the summit to go ahead, but they want Pyongyang to accept that nuclear disarmament be at the heart of the discussion - and warn there can be no end to trade sanctions without it.

"Through these series of meetings, I'm confident we're moving in the right direction".

"It is one of the measures the USA could take to guarantee the North Korean regime's security until North Korea completes denuclearization and the USA ultimately signs a peace treaty with the North", he said.

"It is clear that the process of rapprochement between the USA and the DPRK and their abandonment of hostility and mistrust in relations, without which any lasting agreements are impossible, will take a long time and will necessitate well-calibrated moves to meet each other halfway", said the senior diplomat.

President Trump has spoken of the possibility of winning a Nobel Peace Prize for his negotiations with the North Koreans, and the delivery of the letter moves him closer to the summit and the talks. There's a very good chance that it won't be done in one meeting or two meetings or three meetings.

Terry, a former Korea analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency, warned that it would be a "disaster" if Trump and Kim Jong-un were surprised by their differences at a summit meeting and could not come to "even a remotest agreement" on what denuclearisation means.

Despite Trump calling off that meeting with Kim Jong Un a week earlier, officials in the United States, South Korea and North Korea have been scrambling in recent days to salvage the summit.

The meeting at the demilitarised border village of Panmunjom - which was initially called off in response to a joint US-South Korea air force drill - follows talks in NY between US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and North Korean vice chairman Kim Yong Chol.

North Korea has strongly objected to statements by Trump administration members comparing North Korean denuclearisation to Libya's.

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After leaving the meeting venue at the residence of the deputy US ambassador to the United Nations, Pompeo tweeted that he and the North Korean had substantive talks on priorities for a potential summit.

USA and North Korean officials have continued to meet for pre-summit negotiations in Singapore, while the U.S. invited Kim Yong Chol to a meeting on American soil, the type of which has not taken place for decades.

The men and two aides went to a high-rise building in east Manhattan, and ate a high-class menu served on State Department crockery in a "working dinner" created to help hash out the two countries' dramatically different ideas of how North Korea should handle its nuclear weapons program.

The North Korean official was expected to visit Washington on Friday with a letter from Kim Jong-un. Regarding the date for the meeting, she added, "We're going to continue to shoot for June 12th". The White House said the were scheduled to have a full day of talks on Thursday.

The letter follows Trump announcing plans last week to cancel the planned Trump-Kim summit in Singapore on the country's nuclear program.

Trump announced that Kim Yong Chol was coming to NY for talks with Pompeo in a tweet on Tuesday in which he said he had a "great team" working on the summit. But his comments Thursday come at a sensitive moment, when a senior North Korean official was in NY for talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the planned summit.

China on Thursday signaled its intention to actively engage in the process of formally ending the 1950-53 Korean War, as South Korea appears to be pushing for the declaration through a three-way summit with the United States and North Korea.

Instead, the officials said, it brought both sides to the table with increasing seriousness, as they work through myriad logistical and policy decisions to keep June 12 a viable option for the summit.

Russian Federation is the latest major nation to reach out to North Korea since Trump accepted Kim's proposal for a summit.