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For accessibility advocates, today's news will be tinged with disappointment as the range of disability-focussed emojis proposed in March 2018 were not included in the promo.

Now, there are pages of emojis on our cell phones and laptops with which we can share our thoughts and feelings.

Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants celebrated World Emoji Day on Tuesday with declaring most used and favourite emojis, announcement of new ones, acknowledging how emojis make conversataions easy and expressive without words, among others.

The coming of the colourful characters was announced back in February by the Unicode Consortium, the group that decides on new emojis.

Is the iPhone X living up to the hype?

Apple also released custom emojis called Memoji.

Apple Emojis

You will have a new way to say happy birthday, or to give someone "puppy dog eyes". There's no redheaded bride or runner, for example, and two emojis, a man and a woman, can be bald. There's also a new superhero emoji, and emojis for a softball, and an infinity symbol.

The buffet of delicious foods already available in the iPhone emoji library is impressive (and diverse): We've got dumplings, kebabs, tacos, paella, and a baguette, but nonetheless it always feels as though something is missing.

People with curls, rejoice!

Emoji have existed since 1999 and may have evolved out of an option to send a basic heart graphic that became popular with Japanese teenagers using pagers in the 1990s.

Queenslanders will rejoice that their beloved mango is also represented among the new food emoji.

The little cartoons get their own spin from each company that uses them, so one smartphone maker's will have small differences from another's - but the general appearance will be similar. More recent updates include additional activities, careers, family types and races.

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