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Why is it such a big deal?

Skygazers will be treated with the longest total lunar eclipse or "Chandra Grahan" of the 21st century that will take place on Friday, July 27 till wee hours of July 28. This is much longer than standard lunar eclipses which last for only around one hour. "This does not herald the apocalypse: seeing a lunar eclipse and Mars in the sky is something people should enjoy rather than worry about mediaeval superstitions".

Overall, the blackout will last for about six hours, but in Finland it should be visible for about four and a half hours altogether depending on weather conditions.

Who is going to be able to see it around the world?

On Twitter and Instagram, eclipse watchers can tag their photos of the eclipse with the hashtag #timeanddatelive so that others can browse them more easily.

It will be at opposition, which means that it's at the opposite side of the Sun to the Earth.

Mars will more likely appear as a very bright star.

The Virtual Telescope Project is hosting the alluringly named "Night of the Red Moon and the Red Planet" and will have its cameras trained on the moon during the eclipse.

Eventually, our planet completely blocked light from the sun, turning the white orb into an eerie, blood-red spot in the night sky.

Nigeria to experience longest total lunar eclipse Friday – Scientist

The blood moon from Terry Hills, New South Wales.

If you can't catch this blood moon, don't worry. But let me explain what happens. You don't need a telescope to watch a total lunar eclipse, at least NASA believes that.

The celestial event comes as a result of the alignment between the moon, Earth and the sun, and will be visible across the United Kingdom and parts of the Eastern hemisphere. "About an hour later, the partial phase will begin at 2.24am when the moon begins to be covered by the dark Earth's shadow, the Umbra", he said. "The rim of the earth would be glowing because light is being scattered by the earth's atmosphere".

"And the density of dust increasing in the atmosphere can cause the moon to appear a particularly deep red, and indeed it has the same effect on our sunsets and sunrises".

Can astronomers learn anything from these events? According to Nasa's lunar eclipse timetable, India will not get to witness another event like this till September 2025.

"They'll see it at the same time, beginning at the same moment". It can pass through the outer, fainter shadow, called the penumbra.

The rare celestial event said to be the longest in the 21st century, will see the moon pass through Earth's darkest shadow and take on a red sheen.

Millions of Americans watched the first solar eclipse visible from the US since 1979 last August.

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