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It was littered with tents, sleeping bags, and chairs filled with long time Whovians who were making new friends, sleeping, playing games and discussing all things nerdy-but mostly anxious for the new era.

Whittaker herself points out that for her, it wasn't about approaching the role 'as a woman, ' because of course that is how she approaches all her roles.

"The fact we get on is a bit of a miracle because we're so bloody different", she says.

Chibnall explained that this is a ideal time for all Doctor Who fans to encourage their friends to give the show a try for the first time, saying, "The first episode of a new doctor is always a great place to start, and I think this year even more so". But the wonderful thing about playing the Doctor is I'm playing an alien, so all those rules are kind of irrelevant to the approach, but what you do notice... Chibnall says we won't even expect Dalek this season.

"It was a big priority for us", Strevens said, with Chibnall adding that Doctor Who is also working with a trainee scheme in Cardiff offering opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Sprinkled throughout the line were TARDIS shirts, cosplays, Doctors of all sorts galore, companions, and every little bit of Whovian flair.

Despite the sheer amount of newness in this series, Chibnall also promised that it will also be the "most extreme hits" of everything Doctor Who fans love about Who.

Whittaker described her first day on set, filming The Doctor regenerating from Peter Capaldi's incarnation to hers, as "incredibly nerve-racking". Some fans have been clamoring for a female doctor for some time, and this time in history was the ideal opportunity to put that in place.

He also spoke of how this Doctor Who writing team was a flawless mixture of "the British way of working and the American way". Mainly, that the darker, more brooding elements of modern Doctor Who - the kind that have painted the Doctor as a frightening, all-powerful legend - are about to give way to something more grounded and fun.

The darker more brooding elements of modern Doctor Who – the kind that have painted the Doctor as a frightening all-powerful legend – are about to give way to something more grounded and fun

Actress Jodie Whittaker of the "Broadchurch" series on the BBC America cable channel participating in a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association Cable TV Summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California, July 2013.

A new season of the series, which is set between the second and third episodes of the Star Wars "saga" franchise, has been commissioned for the as-yet-unlaunched Disney streaming service, Filoni confirmed. There's new worlds, there's new characters, there's lots of new guest characters. It comes across as a polite request to long-time viewers of the show, who may fear the new changes ahead.

"For me, the Doctor is pillar of hope, and striving for brightness and inclusion", Whittaker said.

An entirely new cast, a new showrunner, and a new gender for the Doctor is a real invitation for new people to discover the show, according to the cast and creatives. It's a most welcomed message, and one that was already resonating. It's a momentous break in tradition for Doctor Who, which is a beloved children's show that has become a staple of British culture since its premiere in 1963. She then asks (presumably) her three new companions, named Graham, Yasmin and Ryan, "would you be my new best friends?"

She said she knew that being the first female Doctor would have extra responsibility thrown in, but that she and her co-stars are standing on the shoulders of the 12 previous Doctors. And that included the past male Doctors.

"Hopefully we make them all proud", Whitaker said.

If the smiles on everyone's faces on the panel and in the audience were anything to go by, they will.

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