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Sen. Susan Collins said Wednesday it would be entirely within bounds to ask President Donald Trump's upcoming Supreme Court nominee whether the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion is "settled law".

What will the post-Kennedy Supreme Court look like? Academic credentials, professional experience and sometimes even gender, race and geographical diversity all can be part of the equation.

Justice Kennedy announced his retirement from the high court on June 27 and becomes effective July 31.

His pick could end up shifting the court's ideological tilt for years to come. Mike Lee, R-Utah would be a "sure thing".

Despite Trump's suspicion of anyone with closely-held ties to the Bush family, he has suggested that he wants a nominee with degrees from an Ivy League like Harvard or Yale. Both Kethledge and Gorsuch once served Kennedy as law clerks, as did Kavanaugh. Kethledge, of MI, is a judge on the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Three Democrats voted for her then.

Kavanaugh is a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Barrett is 46-years-old, married, a mother of 7 and is devoted to her faith.

Collins, one of the few Republicans who supports access to abortion, said that the nominee's record and history with the subject will be a major component of whether or not she supports them. At her recent confirmation hearing, however, she said it was never permissible for judges to "follow their personal convictions in deciding a case".

Jackson added that the university's policies have been "upheld by the Supreme Court for more than 40 years", beginning with the Bakke decision.

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Hardiman was a runner-up when Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the high court in 2017.

LAT: So it seems that many members of President Trump's base prefer Amy Coney Barrett.

After explaining that the reason so many Republican presidents wind up appointing liberal judges is that they have to base their decisions off of "the thinnest bodies of evidence", Cruz argued that Lee is a surefire conservative option that the president can appoint with the certainty that he would be qualified, would be confirmed by the Senate and would be consistently conservative in his rulings. Some conservative groups don't trust Barry because she wrote an opinion striking down a New Jersey abortion regulation in 2000, and they hope she has no influence over her brother's choice. He is, in some ways, very similar to Judge Kavanaugh. And this, of course, was viewed by many as anti-Catholic, anti-religious.

Trump has interviewed at least seven potential replacements for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, people with knowledge of the process said earlier this week. He also has a great reputation and as a former law clerk to Justice Kennedy - around the same age. He is active in his local Catholic church and as a coach for his daughters' basketball teams. "What is relevant is whether they're committed to longstanding precedent".

The first is that it's important for the nominee to be an institutionalist, that is, someone who recognizes the importance of the court and the coordinate branches of government.

He ruled in favor of police's ability to gather cellphone tower location information (the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Roberts ruled the other way); upheld a MI law that barred public schools from collecting union dues from their teachers, and required unions to do the collecting themselves; upheld a mandatory minimum sentence for a man who pleaded guilty to drug charges, even though Congress had reduced the mandatory minimum between the man's guilty plea and sentencing; and struck down a complaint brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that said Kaplan's use of credit checks on job applicants had a discriminatory effect on African Americans. Kethledge also has first-hand experience with Congress.

Kethledge has some political experience having worked on Capitol Hill as an aide to former Sen. Spencer Abraham of MI. It has 500 door-to-door canvassers on the ground in Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Florida, and it will soon expand to West Virginia and North Dakota - all states that Trump won and where Democrat senators are up for reelection.

At the same time, Kethledge left Washington to return to MI two decades ago. Trump called Schumer out of courtesy to update him on the process and is not believed to have been seeking his advice. Kethledge attended the University of MI for both undergraduate and law school.