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The plan aims to provide temporary relief to farmers who have faced retaliation from US trade partners during Trump's escalating trade dispute with China.

To help cushion the blow, the White House plans to announce a package worth of emergency aid worth $12 billion for farmers affected by the tariffs, as first reported by The Washington Post.

President Trump's tariff threats against China, Canada, Mexico and the European Union prompted immediate threats of retaliation. White House officials hope it will quiet some of the unease from farm groups, but the new plan could revive debates about taxpayer-funded bailouts and the degree to which Trump's trade strategy is leading to unforeseen costs.

Sorghum is only one out of many farm products hit by tariffs from China and other nations in response to the Trump administration's tariffs.

Some of the companies invited to set up their products inside the White House say they were both surprised and honored to have been asked to participate.

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"Tariffs are the greatest!". After $34 billion in tariffs against China went into effect earlier this month, China responded with its own equivalent tariffs soon after, targeting USA agricultural products including soy, corn, wheat, pork, poultry and more.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., said the plan would spend billions on "gold crutches". Trump has threatened to ratchet that up to more than $500 billion, a move that has left financial markets uneasy.

Trump has placed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, saying they pose a threat to USA national security, an argument that allies such as the European Union and Canada reject.

In a Tuesday morning tweet, he called tariffs "the greatest", saying every United States trade partner should either negotiate a "fair deal, or it gets hit with Tariffs". He has also threatened to slap tariffs on imported cars, trucks and auto parts, potentially targeting imports that a year ago totaled $335 billion. The U.S. and European allies have been at odds over the president's tariffs on steel imports and are meeting as the trade dispute threatens to spread to automobile production.