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A series of old photos from Prince Harry's days at Eton College is doing rounds on the Internet, yet again.

Halle Berry isn't the only woman featured in Prince Harry's dorm room. He's also got a great assortment of mugs and family photos - including a framed portrait of Princess Diana on his desk.

Note the, uh, semi-nude ladies at the top left - such a teenage boy!

Meghan, please tell us this Halle Berry collage remains somewhere in the depths of the royal attic. She tagged Missy Elliot because it's practically blasphemous to discuss Halle Berry posters without referencing the iconic line "Don't I look like a Halle Berry poster?" from "Work It".

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The Oscar victor heard about it and trolled the royal on Twitter, writing, "Ok #PrinceHarry, I see you!" and included an ROFL laughing emoji.

When photos of Prince Harry's boarding school dorm room recently resurfaced, the Oscar-winning actress spotted a cutout of herself pinned to an embroidered rug on the princeling's wall and tweeted about it Wednesday.

In addition to the Berry pinup, Harry had a collection of bikini-clad models posted on his wall.