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Markle, 74, told London's Daily Mail on Sunday that his 36-year-old daughter has removed him from her life entirely as punishment for staging fake paparazzi pictures before the royal wedding and speaking critically of the royal family.

Accused of being media-hungry and desperate for attention, Thomas Markle said the Royal family "have Meghan treating her father in a way that Harry's mother, Princess Diana, would have loathed".

Samantha Grant, 53, urged her half-sister Meghan to build bridges with her dad Thomas, whose health she claims has worsened over their apparent rift.

Meghan carried her Strathberry tote while in Nottingham for her first official engagement as a future royal.

The meeting reportedly yielded three solution options and if nothing works, Queen Elizabeth might get involved too.

His daughter, Susan Markle, said at the time she was the one responsible for the photo shoot and added that she wasn't sure if her father had been compensated for the images.

Chrissy, 32, tweeted a screenshot of Thomas' latest comments in which he slammed his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, for ignoring him.

On her former blog, The Tig, she described her love of healthy eating and animal rights.

One source noted that Kate is "well aware" of what the newbie royal is going through and has "made a big effort to be kind to Meghan and look out for her". As per Vanity Fair, the Duchess of Cambridge is aware of her sister-in-law's predicament so she is looking out for her.

A few excerpts: "She'd be nothing without me".

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"Thomas Markle says he "won't be silenced" but giving interviews to the press is not the way to win the trust of the Royal Family".

He said: "I've just about reached my limit with Meghan and the Royal Family".

However, during this time, King George V made a decision to shake things up, changing the house's name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor; he also and declared all male descendants would take this new family name.

"If Meghan never speaks to me again, I don't know how I can go on without my heart breaking".

"I'm desperate for Meghan to meet up with Dad when she's back".

He said: "I don't do drugs, haven't for more than 20 years" while claiming he only has wine with dinner.

"If you can't get direct quotes from members of the Royal Family that often makes for tiresome stories".

And Duchess Catherine, who has three children with Harry's brother Prince William, has also tried to spend as much time with Meghan as possible.

It's understood the Duchess is extremely hurt by his latest interview because he brought Harry's beloved mother, Diana, into it.