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Turing is NVIDIA's brand new, eight-generation architecture that succeeds Pascal. The cards are based on Nvidia's new Turing architecture, which uses real-time ray tracing and AI for rich graphics rendering. The possibilities include deferred shading, and real-time transparency and translucency effects with objects in motion. Gamers will be able to see reflections of things like explosions that aren't even happening on screen.

However, The Division 2 and Anthem are not the only games that might feature the Real-Time Ray Tracing as the upcoming Battlefield V and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider might also support Real-Time Ray Tracing.

Nvidia says that it has had to come up with new ways to rate the power of its new GPUs.

The 2070 accelerates real-time ray tracing up to 6 GigaRays per second - five times that of the Titan X, Huang noted. It can compute 45 trillion simultaneous RTX operations.

As part of the event, Nvidia revealed some impressive technical demos of a bunch of games running on this new hardware. It also has a 185W TDP rating. Specifically, they are the: RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080 Ti.

Even stepping up to 1440p might be too much for the RTX 2080 Ti - imagine what that'll do to the $699 RTX 2080 with 20% less ray tracing power.

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New memory system featuring ultra-fast GDDR6 with over 600GB/s of memory bandwidth for high-speed, high-resolution gaming.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told Monday's Gamescom crowd that the Turing chip shipping in the consumer-grade RTX cards ships with 18.9 billion transistors, and that it includes three discrete processors: the Turing SM, the RT Core, and the Tensor Core. The cards have just opened for pre-order and will hit shelves in one month on September 20th. The GeForce RTX 2070 will follow in October.

Asus has also revealed its take on the GeForce RTX cards with prices for Blighty, with the RTX 2080 starting at £889.30 and topping out with a cranked up RTX 2080 Ti costing £1,344. Zotac has not officially confirmed these prices.

You might also notice that the card is fully enveloped by a lovely shroud, and even the NVLINK connector is protected by a matching removable cover, giving GeForce RTX GPUs a clean appearance. These feature a factory overclock, dual 13-blade axial fans, full-card vapor chamber, diecast aluminum cover, and DisplayPort 1.4a with 8K HDR at 60Hz support over a single connector.

NVIDIA has ditched its blower-style cooling setup this time around and has chose to go with a more traditional dual-fan configuration.