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Whilst meteors can be seen on any night, at certain times of the year their numbers drastically increase.

The Virtual Telescope Project will be streaming a view of the Perseid meteor shower on Sunday from the Castel Santa Maria in Italy's Perugia province, where the community is restoring the 16th-century church that has been damaged by several earthquakes.

The Perseid meteor shower - the biggest meteor shower of the year - took place over the weekend, as thousands took to social media to share their pictures of the the shooting stars.

It's always best to look for meteors between midnight and dawn, but there have already been sightings after sunset but before midnight.

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"During the peak nights of August 11-12 and August 12-13, more than 100 meteors (shooting stars) can be seen per hour", Ottawa astronomer Gary Boyle told this newspaper last week.

Every year the Earth gets close enough to the comet Swift-Tuttle's orbit to draw its debris into our atmosphere, and this year the new moon will leave a dark sky for us to enjoy the meteor shower during the weekend, its peak. The days after the peak will also provide nice, dark skies as well!

In many ways, Perseids is the most impressive meteor shower for the naked eyes.

The peak of the Perseid meteor show happens Sunday, Aug. 12, the U.S. National Weather Service said. The Perseids are rich in fireball meteors that are very bright and often leave a trail across the sky that will last for a second or two. NASA will be streaming a view from Huntsville, Ala. live on its MeteorWatch Facebook page.