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Sessions testified last November before Congress that at a March 2016 Trump campaign meeting he "pushed back" against Papadopoulos' proposal to set up a meeting between Trump and Putin.

US District Judge Randolph Moss sentenced foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos to 14 days in prison, acknowledging his guilty plea and his remorse, but noting that he "lied in an investigation that was important to national security".

Papadopoulos' lawyer, Thomas Breen, told the court Friday that his client's cooperation had earned him probation, saying he was "unsophisticated, he was naive and he was a fool". He was the first to plead guilty in Mueller's probe and is now the first Trump campaign adviser to be sentenced.

Papadopoulos has cooperated for more than a year with Mueller's probe, but it remains unknown whether he has provided the probe with any information supporting allegations of collusion with Russian Federation. Maria said that the judge "got it right" in giving Papadopoulos 14 days in prison. "A great day for America!" This Russian Professor Papadopoulos presented as a relative of Russian President Vladimir Putin, although it wasn't true. When Papadopoulos met Trump for the first time, at a March 2016 meeting of the campaign's foreign policy team, he mentioned this proposal to the room. But he acknowledged that Papadopoulos was unsophisticated, naive and even a "fool" for having made contacts with Russian Federation intermediaries during the campaign.

"It wasn't an offer", he said Friday night, denying that Mifsud had dangled the possibility of funneling the emails to the Trump campaign.

With the sentence, the young man whom Trump administration officials called a "coffee boy" and whose family members have argued is caught in a spy conspiracy will become the first Trump campaign affiliate to have his criminal case reach its completion in the court system. In that testimony, Sessions said he resisted the idea of any Russian Federation meeting proposed by Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos told U.S. media that Trump "gave me a sort of a nod" and "wasn't committed either way" about the idea of a meeting with the Russian leader.

In late April, he also told them that Mifsud said the Russians had information that could harm Clinton, in the form of thousands of emails. His reaction was that Mifsud "was simply repeating gossip and rumors", Papadopoulos said.

"I wanted to distance myself as much as possible - and Trump himself and the campaign - from what was probably an illegal action or risky information", he said.

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"My recollection was that the senator was actually enthusiastic about a meeting between the candidate and President Putin", Papadopoulos said, adding, "I remember him being enthusiastic about a potential meeting between the candidate and President Putin after I raised the question". Weeks later, the stolen Clinton emails were posted online by what United States intelligence chiefs now say were Russian intelligence actors.

The Greek government confirmed to CNN that the meeting happened but declined to say what was discussed. The Australian government passed the information to the FBI, which used it as a basis to open an investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

"This investigation has global implications, and the truth matters", Papadopoulos said.

Papadopoulos apologized for his actions, telling a judge that he had made a "dreadful mistake" and was eager for redemption.

Trump has regularly lashed out against the sprawling probe he dubs a "witch hunt" driven by his Democratic foes.

"The President of the United States hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever did", Breen said.

In Friday's sentencing, Papadopoulos was also handed 12 months of supervised release, 200 hours of community service, and a fine of $9,500.

The documentary traces Papadopoulos' travels around the globe, his interactions with shadowy figures in the intelligence world, and how he got caught up in the Russian Federation investigation.

Papadopoulos didn't have any comment after the sentencing, but had an orange "team Putin" shirt thrown at him when leaving the courthouse.