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The chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corp. has resigned over allegations that he pressured the independent national broadcaster to fire two political journalists because the government disliked them.

Australia's national broadcaster has lost both its chairman and managing director in less than a week, amid staff protests over concerns of government interference in its editorial independence.

An email has shown Mr Milne asked Ms Guthrie - who was herself sacked on Monday - to fire Ms Alberici in May.

He claimed, according to written accounts of the conversation provided to ABC directors, that the political journalist Andrew Probyn was so out of favour that the broadcaster's state funding was at risk.

The meeting was called as an update on the current situation following Ms Guthrie's departure as managing director, along with stories that have appeared in the media today involving Mr Milne. And, as always, my interests, my aim, has been to look after the interests of the corporation.

Around 70 per cent of Australians want a strong ABC, despite government spending cuts and daily withering criticism from its commercial rivals - who baulk at what they see as unfair competition from the taxpayer-funded behemoth.

Mr Kolesnikoff said concerned shareholders of companies in which Mr Milne was not facing re-election would need to take their concerns to the board.

ABC journalists across the country held mass meetings on Wednesday expressing outrage at the attempted interference in their work and calling for the chairman's resignation.

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Turnbull, who has lived in NY since he was ousted as prime minister on August 24, said on Thursday that while he had complained about the two reporters' journalism, he had never asked for them to be fired.

Pressure is now on Mr Milne to resign over the matter.

Milne, it had emerged, told Guthrie back in May that senior government figures "hate her [Alberici]" and her continued presence was damaging to the ABC's relationship with the government.

The ABC board must be appointed differently after its now ex-chairman was accused of trying to have journalists fired, a policy group says.

The government didn't respond to a report in March, but Mr Oquist said a debate on the issue is bound to happen now.

"Mr Milne has no understanding of editorial independence, proper complaints handling processes, or the appropriate distance a board chair needs to keep from staffing matters", the union said in a statement.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted that Milne's resignation was the right decision.

He said the two had "exchanged messages" earlier on Thursday, and said it was up to Mr Milne what he wanted to do with his other roles.