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He had just claimed in remarks that were written for him that 'in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than nearly any administration in the history of our country'.

But far from backing down, China hit back.

US President Donald Trump addresses the 73rd session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York September 25, 2018.

In a blunt attack on China, the U.S. president told the council that China wanted to see him suffer an elections setback because of his hard line on trade.

President Trump chairs a meeting on Iran with the 15-member council in New York City. The move has exposed divisions between the United States and its European allies.

Bolivian President Evo Morales went further, linking Trump's actions to a broader USA history of intervention in countries such as Iran.

Trump often criticised former US President Barack Obama's approach to foreign affairs and claimed the world was "laughing" at the country under Obama's leadership.

"We need to build together a long-term strategy to manage the crisis that can not be reduced to a policy of sanctions and containment of Iran", said Mr Macron.

Besides calling out Iran, Trump also criticized China for its trade practices but made no mention of Russia's interference in Syria's war or its suspected meddling in US elections.

President Trump says he may delay meeting with Rosenstein
Two White House officials said Wednesday that Trump is unlikely to fire Rosenstein until after the election. But it's unclear how safe his job will be after the November midterm elections.

He smiled, taking in stride, and proclaimed, 'didn't expect that reaction but that's OK, ' before moving on the extraordinary progress he says he's overseen in the U.S.

But there is little doubt that delegates will use this week to re-energize their campaign to sustain the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and tell world leaders if things don't get better soon, moral victories like the support of most of the worldwide community, will stop being enough.

On Monday, foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran agreed to a "Special Purpose Vehicle" to establish a financial facility in the European Union to facilitate payments for Iranian imports and exports.

"Here's the thing: they have rampant inflation", Trump said.

Mr Trump later said at a free-wheeling press conference on Wednesday evening that he rejected Mr Trudeau's request for a one-on-one meeting, saying, "Canada has treated us very badly".

He referenced a list of United Nations bodies, from the International Criminal Court to the Human Rights Council, that his administration is working to undermine.

"In 1953, the United States financed, planned and implemented a coup d'etat against a democratically-elected government", he said, referring to Iran.

American sanctions targeting Iranian oil sales kick in this November.

Trump has had a troubled relationship with the United Nations since entering the White House.