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Earlier this week, Bruce Ohr testified before House Republicans over his ties to the dossier and its author Christopher Steele.

They're asking that Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy of SC and Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte schedule a bipartisan meeting with the Justice Department to discuss the sensitivity of the documents, which they say contain details about a confidential human source.

Steele - a longtime Federal Bureau of Investigation informant - compiled a dossier using Democratic-funded research that contained salacious, unsubstantiated claims about the president. They met in the mid-2000s, people who know Ohr said, as both fought against the evolving threat of Russian organized crime for their respective countries.

The Associated Press first reported Steele's comments to Ohr at the breakfast.

In questioning Ohr, lawmakers Elijah Cummings and Jerrold Nadler said, Republicans were selective about his communications with Steele to create "a highly misleading narrative with factually inaccurate interpretations and conjecture" that they were discussing Trump. Trump supporters accuse Ohr of cooperating with Steele on the dossier that outlined Russian financial ties and salacious personal details.

It was not clear from Ohr's interview whether Steele was directly told that or had picked that up through his contacts, but the broader sentiment is echoed in Steele's dossier.

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Steele and Ohr, at the time of the 2016 presidential election a senior official in the deputy attorney general's office, had first met a decade earlier and developed a rapport over a shared interest in global organized crime. They said he was being stripped of his associate deputy attorney post as part of a planned internal reorganization that would have occurred anyway, people familiar with Ohr's account say.

"And if Jeff Sessions won't, he should step down and let someone do it".

In recent days, Trump has suggested stripping Ohr of his security clearance - an action he took against former CIA Director John Brennan. Trump has often criticized the special counsel probe as a "witch hunt" and has repeatedly attacked Ohr and Steele.

Sciutto brought up Ohr specifically, saying, "Here's a Justice Department official who happens to be an expert on Russian organized crime".

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden said on CNN tonight he has heard nothing but good things about DOJ official Bruce Ohr, one of the men at the center of another Russian Federation controversy.