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Kim Kardashian West says she's "fighting" to free a prisoner who was sentenced to life for drug possession.

And now Kim wants to do it again for Chris Young, who was sentenced to life in prison for marijuana and cocaine possession after being arrested in 2010, because she thinks it's "unfair" that he was given such a harsh sentence. He's been in for nearly 10 years'.

Young, who was 26 at the time, received a life sentence in August 2014 from then-U.S. District Judge Kevin Sharp, who has since left the bench and has very publicly opposed the mandatory minimum sentencing he had to hand down.

Kushner has been an advocate of prison and sentencing reform, championing a compromise bill crafted in the Senate.

"It's scary when you have a minor drug charge, but then you get life and you're stuck in this insane maximum security prison with murderers", she added.

After church service, McCain to depart Arizona for last time
Our series, A More Perfect Union , aims to show that what unites us as Americans is far greater than what divides us. But what made Senator McCain so special was he cared about the substance of my heart rather than where I came from".

The White House guest list included Kim Kardashian West; she is married to rap singer and record producer Kanye West.

Earlier this year, Kim made headlines after urging President Trump to pardon 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson from a life sentence. He was only twenty-six years old.

The reality television star is also hoping to speak with President Donald Trump about a pardon or clemency for a Tennessee man serving a lifetime prison sentence on drug charges. Kim also says she's in regular touch with Jared Kushner, who she says is "passionate" about prison reform ... especially in drug cases where the sentences are draconian.

Kardashian, a mainstay of the gossip pages, told the "Wrongful Conviction" podcast on Tuesday the case caught her attention. He was saying, 'I can stay out of trouble in here, but going in there there's stabbings, there's this.

She said: "All of my attorneys at home always joke, like, 'You've gotta just come be in the office.' If I didn't have to go for so much school, I would truly love to be an attorney [and] practice all the time". "I mean, I already knew just by talking to you on the phone and just seeing you in videos, but I mean, you are everything and more than I ever thought".