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U.S. President Donald Trump is decrying quotes and stories in an incendiary book by journalist Bob Woodward as "frauds, a con on the public".

Trump followed that with repeat tweets of statements the White House collected Tuesday from his Chief of Staff John Kelly and his Secretary of Defense James Mattis; both men insisted they had not made remarks attributed to them in Woodward's book.

"He just made the nicest quote about me I think I've ever had". Likewise other stories and quotes.

Not only that, the book further mentions that Defence Secretary James Mattis likened his intellect to "a fifth or sixth grader" - a child aged 11 or 12 and Trump's lawyer John Dowd is said to have deemed him a "f****** liar" and warned of jail if he agreed to a formal quiz over Russian Federation links.

Mr Trump tells Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross he does not trust him, saying: "I don't want you doing any more negotiations". "I think the president's probably got a lot of respect for the South, I hope so". "You don't discredit Bob Woodward". She told reporters at United Nations headquarters that she had been privy to conversations about the Syrian chemical weapons attacks, "and I have not once ever heard the president talk about assassinating Assad".

"I assume that means it's going to be a negative book", the president replies. The lawyers then go to Mueller, relate their woes with their client, and essentially tell him, in the words of Vanity Fair magazine, that he is too dumb to testify.

As has been widely reported and confirmed by Woodward's reporting, Trump's cabinet members and advisers are consistently disappointed by Trump's lack of specific knowledge. I told you he was a goddamn dumbbell.

According to Woodward, Mattis told staff to ignore a tirade by Trump against Syria's president Bashar al-Assad in the wake of a chemical weapons attack in April 2017 and the USA president's alleged statement: "Let's fucking kill him!"

John Dowd resigned from Trump's legal team in January.

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Mueller has asked the White House for access to Trump, and administration officials have negotiated for months over how that might happen. But he said "no so-called "practice session" or "re-enactment" took place.

"Even Trump's family is concerned the president is in deep trouble", Sherman concludes.

Woodward's work also comes weeks after former White House aide and "Apprentice" contestant Omarosa Manigault Newman published an expose on her time in the West Wing, including audio recordings of her firing by Kelly and a follow-up conversation with the president in which he claimed to have been unaware of Kelly's decision.

"The idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true", Kelly said in a statement hours after the report was released.

The White House, in a statement from press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, dismissed the book as, 'Nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees, told to make the President look bad'.

She adds that President Donald Trump's accomplishments don't get enough coverage in the press, saying "Democrats and their allies in the media understand the president's policies are working and with success like this, no one can beat him in 2020 - not even close".

Trump says he would have liked to speak with Woodward and he says it sounds like it will be a "negative" book.

Some of the striking contents of the book were published by The Washington Post on Tuesday, ahead of its September 11, release.

He also retweeted denials from his chief of staff, Gen John Kelly, who reportedly called him an idiot, while lamenting, "It's pointless to try to convince him of anything".