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A new update was also shared that the movie will no longer carry the "X-Men" tag. With both Dark Phoenix and Game of Thrones season 8 coming out in 2019, we are truly blessed when it comes to Sophie Turner content!

Back in December, Sophie Turner told EW she studied multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia in order to play Jean's duality.

Following the comics, Dark Phoenix is said to be one of the more darker entries of the franchise.

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We see Grey's path to the dark side starting in childhood, and the trailer shows us plenty of the character's emotional backstory along with her slow slide into madness. "So she feels a lot of betrayal from Charles and she does a lot of things out of spite because of that". Personally, though I like this cast a lot, the X-Men movies lost me a couple entries ago, and this somewhat flat trailer isn't doing much to change that. We see Jean have a hard time adjusting to life with other mutants and being overwhelmed by her powers, which are magnifying rapidly.

The trailer is a retread of several storylines and scenes that fans of the X-Men film franchise would already be familiar with. Previously, no X-Men have ever appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to rights restrictions between the two studios (though you could make a point that Avengers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch came from the mutant world). "It's not something that we've explored in the past. It's something I think audiences have nearly grown accustomed to now given that the Marvel [MCU] movies are so often now intergalactic". I am not expecting anything special from Dark Phoenix and yet they have a great opportunity here, by knowing this is the end. The Dark Phoenix trailer, which was speculated to release around the time Venom hits the theatres, was shared on the show after it was teased a few hours ago.