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You can drag and drop photos, or copy and past text from the SMS app, allowing you a fairly broad range of functionality from your Windows 10 desktop.

That's not all for Windows-related gaming fun times, either, as Microsoft are also taking the opportunity to introduce a new-look Game Bar as well (which, if you've got it turned on, lets you record clips, screenshots and broadcast your game using Microsoft's various gaming tools).

At today's #MicrosoftEvent, @ShilpaRan showed how to get texts on your PC with Your Phone app as part of the #Windows10 October 2018 Update. Via Your Phone you can text your friends and group message from the comfort of your PC keyboard.

Of course, there's more to Nvidia's new cards than Ray-Tracing, thouh that's definitely its tentpole feature.

Iran oil minister reiterates Trump to blame for rising crude prices
OPEC member states do not seem to be willing to reduce oil prices, as the September 23 meeting shows. In October, on average since 1990, Brent crude and WTI prices have declined by roughly 2.8%.

In addition to a blizzard of new Surface hardware, Microsoft also announced at an event on Tuesday that it has started to roll out the next big update to Windows 10. It will help you to trace your works and web history via the Microsoft Launcher app on Android. Windows 10 October 2018 Update will be going up against Ubuntu 18.10, Fedora 29, and other premiere Linux distributions.

If you find yourself unable to wait until then for the update, you can get it early by using the Microsoft Upgrade Assistant tool and force the upgrade process early. Of course you can use Ctrl+V in the same way, but Windows+V displays a new panel, powered by Windows Timeline. This is similar to how it rolled out the previous major Windows update and used Machine Learning to optimise the task. Soon, it will be made available for the iPhone users also.

Microsoft releases these updates twice a year, and they're packed with too many new features and changes in one place - especially when most of them probably won't be noticed by the majority of PC users. The large operating system updates are similar to the Service Packs of old and give Microsoft a chance to make serious changes under the hood in a way that's not possible for the normal weekly updates. It was bought by Microsoft in 2016 and finally, it's coming to Windows starting with the October 2018 Update. You've already checked for updates at Settings Update & Security, and Windows says "You're Up to Date" (even though you aren't). Using your digital pen you can quickly snip and share a screenshot using a new toolbar: Windows+Shift+S brings it up.