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Stemming from the alleged murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi, many American companies are freezing and/or removing themselves from Saudi Arabian affiliation.

"Speaking on the condition of anonymity, multiple members of the WWE talent roster have expressed discomfort with the idea of performing in Saudi Arabia, especially given the nation's poor record with human rights".

However a singles match with Michaels that was rumoured to take place just two weeks after Crown Jewel at Survivor Series might be put on-hold, as the same source has told Ringside News that he hasn't agreed to appear at the Los Angeles event yet.

Crown Jewel

The WWE has been expanding into Saudi Arabia, hosting a major event earlier this year which was marked by controversy over showing women wrestlers during a promotional segment.

During Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO, show host John Oliver took WWE to task over its involvement in Saudi Arabia and took specific aim at WWE creating propaganda pieces to help promote the country's "progressive" movements. They are, as Oliver notes, used to drum up positive publicity for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Koshoggi has been a vocal critic of the current regime under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his father, King Salman, and his disappearance has shocked the world.

WWE's big Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia has been the hot news item for the WWE over the last week, and it continues to be a big story. Trump said in a video clip of a press conference featured by Oliver. "So the private interests should review, but so should the United States government".

Saudi considers admitting Khashoggi died in botched op
On Tuesday, a Turkish Foreign Ministry official acknowledged police want to search the Saudi consul's home as well. Mr Khashoggi had been a vocal critic of the Saudi Arabia ruling royal family.