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Ultimate, which features Kirby as the long hero (and true savior, mind you) standing tall after an attack pretty much wipes out all the characters from the game, turning them into Spirits.

Ultimate Nintendo Direct (the final before the game releases) ended with the revelation of an exciting new game mode called "World of Light". So let's see what we're in for. It also announced Spirits would replace collectible trophies.

Ken will be an echo fighter for Ryu, meaning he'll be essentially the same with a different appearance and animations, series creator Masahiro Sakurai said in Thursday's Nintendo Direct livestream.

The game is due out on the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

Nishikori and Anderson set for Vienna tussle
Anderson was runner-up to Djokovic at Wimbledon in July but the win in Vienna represented the biggest title of his career. Cape Town - Kevin Anderson has become the first South African player in 23 years to reach the year-end ATP Finals.

Just like with the previous Smash Bros. game, amiibo figures are being made for every fighter, with Young Link, Ken, Daisy, Ice Climbers, and more showing off what they'll look like.

You'll be able to specify certain rulesets for rooms online for matches.

Nintendo is keeping most of the mode's details under wraps until SSBU launches on Nintendo Switch, though it seems to tie into the Spirits mode. But it does contain a Mii Fighter outfit, and Xenoblade Spirits and music from the Xenoblade Chronicles.

DLC has been confirmed for the game that will be out post launch. Each character pack will include one character, stage, and song for US$5.99. None of these will be Echo Fighters. The company claims it's "a way for players to enjoy a massive amount of additional video game characters outside of selecting them as playable fighters". Ultimate managed to surprise us.