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Knickers, the seven-year-old Australian cow (technically, a steer), stands over six-feet tall, and weighs a whopping 3,086 pounds, which is about 1.4 tonnes. "I wouldn't be able to put it through a processing facility", Mr Pearson told Perth Now.

Mr Pearson explained that Knickers" name came about because of his close friend "Bra', a Brahman steer.

"We all know when Knickers is on the move", he added.

Standing several feet above the rest of the herd, Knickers the cow, who is actually a male steer, is hard to miss.

"He was still a standout so we thought let's leave him there, he's not hurting anyone", Pearson said, according to BBC.

Meet Knickers - Australia's biggest cow.

In this image made from video taken Nov. 15 2018 Knickers the steer center is in paddock with cow herd
in Lake Preston Australia. A enormous steer in the state of Western Australia has avoided the abattoirs by being too big. The 194 centimeters-tal

But after a few more rotations of cattle, the cattle farmers "realised he wasn't stopping growing".

Since he is no longer being sent to slaughter, Knickers has found a way to be useful around the farm helping to lead and coach other cattle.

While the massive steer stands out like a sore thumb amongst the crowd and might very well be Australia's largest steer, he isn't world's largest.

Still, Knickers' impressive size has garnered him global attention, leading many to wonder what fate may befall the behemoth bovine.

Basking in the glory that is Knickers the cow, netizens have gone off the deep end, professing their love and general sense of shock over the giant steer.

In 2010, a Chianina ox named Bellino who measured at just over 6ft 7ins at a cattle show in Rome. "He just hangs around, he's part of the furniture", Pearson said.

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