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Boeing issued a safety bulletin on Tuesday for airlines operating its new 737 Max airliner in the wake of the crash of Lion Air Flight 610.

Boeing will also warn pilots to follow an existing procedure to handle the problem. However, in rare instances, accidents have been caused by what investigators call a "startle factor".

The bulletin cautions operators of the 737 Max that erroneous readings from one of the plane's sensors can cause the aircraft to enter into a sudden dive, Bloomberg reported. Utomo also indicated the pilots should have recognized the malfunction when it occurred on flight JT610.

Boeing shares rose less than one per cent to US$368.11 in premarket trading Wednesday in NY.

It was not immediately clear whether the reported problem stemmed from a mechanical or maintenance issue, nor whether US authorities would order any checks.

It was not immediately clear whether Boeing was planning to update the guidelines, though comments from Indonesian officials indicate they expect so.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, chairman of the transport safety committee, said Wednesday that airspeed indicator malfunctions on the jet's last four flights, which were revealed by analysis of the flight data recorder, were intertwined with the sensor issue.

A week after the disaster, there is still no answer as to what caused the crash. The angle of attack sensor replaced in Bali would be analysed at its place of manufacture in Chicago, the accident investigator said.

That included three flights that landed safely, as well as the deadly crash on October 29, when flight JT610 crashed minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia, with 189 people on board.

Logs obtained by the BBC have already shown that on the Boeing 737 Max's penultimate flight, airspeed reading's were unreliable. "Any action that the FAA would take regarding that incident would have to wait until we have findings", agency acting Administrator Daniel Elwell said Monday after a speaking engagement in Washington. Service bulletins can be followed by airworthiness directives to airlines by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, giving the recommendations extra weight.

Turkey among 8 countries granted waiver on United States oil sanctions against Iran
They include some of Iran's top oil customers - China, India , Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea , Taiwan and Turkey . Oil markets have been preparing for the sanctions for months. "We'll see what happens with Iran".

"We are the victims here".

Tjahjono said that the KNKT has asked the United States' National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and Boeing to take the necessary measures to deal with issues with the speed indicator.

This warning extends to both Air Canada and WestJet pilots, since both the airlines use 737-Max planes regularly.

What do we know about the final flight? "So far, there's no disruption on the operation of our Max jet".

Certainly, Indonesian search and rescue officials had trouble locating the wreck, despite encountering a large amount of wreckage in the four days leading up to the discovery of the fuselage.

Pilots raise and lower the nose of Boeing jetliners by pushing and pulling on a yoke in the cockpit, which controls panels at the tail known as elevators.

He said the pilot had landed the plane safely on that occasion.

Pramintohadi Sukarno, the Ministry of Transportation's acting director general for air transportation, said Flight No. JT633 had been canceled and the pilots grounded after the accident. That case didn't involve the angle-of-attack system.

All 181 passengers and eight crew members on board the aircraft died after it crashed into the Java Sea shortly after takeoff from Jakarta.