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Hoft is frequently called "the dumbest man on the internet" for his wild conspiracy theories and constant mistakes.

She was busy teaching classes Tuesday when she got a text from Shugerman about The Atlantic story and realized she had her own communication from Surefire Intelligence.

Today, that article has been replaced by an update saying that they are looking into "serious allegations" of wrongdoing as the FBI allegedly investigates whether the woman was paid to lie about the sexual assault.

A US official familiar with the matter confirmed to the New York Daily News that the special counsel's office was alerted to the purported scheme by reporters who had inquired about receiving emails from a Florida woman who alleged that right-wing conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman had offered her more than $20,000 to accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct. "It's my understanding that you may have had some past encounters with Robert Mueller", he told Taub, according to the email she forwarded to me on Tuesday afternoon. "Drop this." The message included the home addresses of two editors at the Hill Reporter. He also refused to say whether Wohl or the bogus private intel firm Wohl apparently set up was working with him - claiming that he "can't comment on staff or subcontractors".

Reuters was unable to connect with anyone at phone numbers listed on Surefire Intelligence's website.

She told the magazine that she had worked for Mueller 44 years prior and had experienced no such harassment.

He said he would have a news conference close to Washington on Thursday with one of the women who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Mueller in 2010, and that the other four women still needed to be vetted.

Worl also tweeted about the upcoming accusations.

A story did then run, on a conservative-leaning website called Gateway Pundit (more about this later).

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"I met him for the first time the other night and then all of a sudden, without invitation, he was calling me only as Andrew". He noted that Tallahassee has the highest murder rate of any city in the state.

All week Mr. Burkman and Mr. Wohl had promised the press conference would continue, even after Mr. Mueller referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Simon Frick of Surefire Intelligence wrote to Taub on October 22 that his organization is "conducting an examination of Robert Mueller's past".

Mueller is viewed by many in Trump circles as a unique threat as he has taken down several top and mid-level Trump officials for a range of crimes and may soon be interviewing the USA president himself.

But now, Wohl is at the centre of a much more serious hoax than that of his kind-of-hard-to-believe hipster coffee shop experiences.

This appears to also have been Wohl, according to reporters who looked into this tip.

Burkman claimed on Tuesday on Twitter that he's holding an event at which Mueller's first supposed "victim" will come forward.

The press conference is on for Thursday.

This is not the first time that Burkman - a GOP lobbyist who has peddled a number of conspiracy theories - has seen his plans to announce some salacious revelation fall apart at the last minute.

But if the accusations are true, Burkman is behind some major wrongdoing in an effort to derail an FBI investigation with the cynical assumption that women who accuse men of sexual assault and harassment are just trying to ruin their reputations.