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And since then, Moulton has expressed confidence the votes are there to sink Pelosi's unopposed campaign to become speaker of the House when the new Congress takes form in January.

"I think that she's going to get the votes for this, but understand that for members, it's all about leverage - it's all about what you do and when you do it", Higgins said. Pelosi was running uncontested and enjoys widespread support within the liberal-heavy caucus she's led since 2003.

Pelosi promised Fudge that if she was elected speaker, Fudge could be the chairwoman of a House subcommittee that would oversee elections.

Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, were elected by unanimous consent to their respective posts of Majority Leader and Majority Whip.

Lawmakers are elevating the 48-year-old member of the Congressional Black Caucus as a new generation of leaders pushes to the forefront.

Should she take the gavel from outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan, Pelosi would become second in line to the president, after Vice President Mike Pence - and seal her reputation as one of the great survivors in American politics.

"We all agree that history is in a hurry, and we need to accelerate the pace of change in Congress, ' she wrote, noting the 'historic" class of new first-term lawmakers, the largest since Watergate, who led Democrats to the majority in the midterm election.

Administration asks SCOTUS to take up military transgender ban
This is simply one more attempt by a reckless Trump administration to push through a discriminatory policy. Supreme Court review before the appellate courts have even ruled on the preliminary issues before them".

Those trying to oust Pelosi say they always knew the internal caucus election would fall in her favor. Votes were still being counted, but she was assured of victory. And she would have brought these perspectives, she said, to the progressive base.

Pelosi has been understanding of the handful of incoming Democrats who won GOP-held districts with promises that they'd oppose her as speaker - she told them to "just win, baby". She said it was "so inspiring" to hear her colleagues place her name in nomination for speaker and dismissed questions about dissenters within her caucus. But one by one, Pelosi has picked off the would-be challengers and smoothed the skeptics.

"Moments ago we met with Leader Pelosi and tried to engage her in a reasonable conversation about leadership transition", Rep. Kathleen Rice of NY said in a statement.

Hayes stated that she would not vote for Pelosi during a debate against former Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman during the Democratic primary campaign.

Other Democratic members of Congress, including Reps.

After the secret ballot voting concluded, Pelosi said, "I'm proud to be the nominee of the House Democratic caucus once again for speaker of the House". Seth Moulton and Kathleen Rice, who are refusing to back her on the grounds of facilitating new leadership.

The two lawmakers, both of whom are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, were running to replace Joseph Crowley of NY, who was ousted in a primary. Gottheimer said that they had an "encouraging and productive meeting" and that the group looks forward to continuing the conversation. But she's only giving things to people who can deliver. While it was not enough to block Pelosi from being selected on Wednesday, the figure was just shy of the threshold of votes needed to keep Pelosi from winning the needed 218 votes on the House floor in January.