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The 52-year-old, for years one of the Republican billionaire's closest aides, left court in NY, ignoring questions from reporters and got wordlessly into the back of a vehicle before being driven away.

Robert Mueller reportedly asked President Trump about a 2015 and 2016 project to construct a Trump Tower in Moscow. "You flip and you lie and you get-the prosecutors will tell you 99 percent of the time they can get people to flip".

Democratic leaders said they'd like another shot at President Trump's former lawyer after he pleaded guilty Thursday to lying to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. He said he lied to be consistent with Trump's "political messaging".

Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday that Cohen is lying.

According to the plea, Cohen later discussed traveling to Moscow to jump-start the deal.

Oh, and as journalists are noting, if Cohen is guilty of lying to Congress, that means Don Jr.is too.

In January 2016, Cohen also reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesperson about the project.

The Mueller investigation has cast a cloud over the current American administration. "There is no more fun, funny, amusing moment when Donald Trump gets to have Devin Nunes run interference for him, go out and lie to the press for him".

It has been a busy week for the special counsel.

Both men have been heavily critical of the investigation, and Corsi this week said he had rejected a plea offer from Mueller's team.

Trump only has the power to pardon for federal charges.

The complaint also says that Cohen kept senior Trump campaign figures, including members of Trump's family, informed of these efforts - suggesting Trump himself might have been in the loop.

But talks actually continued until June 2016.

His court appearance marked the latest step in his evolution from trusted Trump consigliere to prime antagonist.

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Reacting to the plea, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Cohen "should be prosecuted to the extent of the law".

When asked why he would hire Cohen if he's an untrustworthy and weak person, Trump said "a long time ago, he did me a favor".

Trump said Thursday his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen was a "weak person" who was lying to get a reduced sentence after the fixer admitted misleading Congress over the Russian Federation investigation.

In August, Cohen, 52, pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations related to payments before the election to two women who alleged they had affairs with Trump years prior.

"There would be nothing wrong if I did do it", Trump said of pursuing the project. "There was a good chance that I wouldn't have won, in which case I would have gone back into the business, and why should I lose lots of opportunities?"

There will also now be increased scrutiny into whether the president misled the public with statements like "I have no dealings with Russian Federation".

At issue is a proposal to build a skyscraper bearing Trump's name in Moscow.

"I have a great company".

Trump said his pledge not to conclude new deals only applied after he had been elected and inaugurated. "I said I would confirm and revert".

"These false statements regarding the continued pursuit of a Moscow-Trump Tower deal during much of the presidential campaign only underscore the importance of a thorough investigation into any financial entanglement between Trump and Russian Federation", he said.

The plea stemmed from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign conspired with Moscow to boost Mr Trump's chances, and put new pressure on the President.

"In truth and in fact, and as Cohen well knew, Cohen's representations about the Moscow Project he made to [Congress] were false and misleading", prosecutors said in the nine-page document.

"This was a deal that didn't happen", Trump said of the purported real estate project.

Trump in the past denied any ongoing contacts with Moscow.

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