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"All across the country, what I'm seeing is a great awakening", he said.

And with Democrats favoured to retake the House of Representatives, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel concurred that: "It's going to depend on voter turnout on Election Day".

Other areas of oversight could include probing allegations of waste and fraud within the administration (think former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's spending and former HHS Secretary Tom Price's use of private planes), foreign contacts during the 2016 campaign and the Trump Organization and family members' finances. "He's not on the ticket".

And according to a man who spent months on the campaign with the president and in the White House, Trump's open embrace of the "nationalist" title signals another evolutionary step for the president and the nation.

The midterms are a big deal: all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 Senate seats are up for grabs, along with governorships in 39 states and territories.

"Congressional gridlock would happen".

He pointed to the recent synagogue shooting, as well as mailed bombs, and a grocery store shooting that targeted African Americans. Like the president, however, who also is making that claim at his final rallies, he did not mention the president's veto power, which would block any such Democratic legislation from becoming law.

Harris Faulkner said that improving their majority in the Senate would be a big win for the Republican Party and Trump, noting the contentious Senate confirmation battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. He'd pulled into the parking lot minutes after the gunfire erupted, saw the police cars and shaken employees, and felt like the country's poisonous political climate had landed in his backyard.

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The US votes for a president in a general election every four years.

"He has diarrhea of the mouth and diarrhea of the brain". One man confided to her: "You're the most qualified candidate, but I can't vote for you - I'm a Republican, my wife would kill me".

If Democrats fail to take back the House and make significant gains at the state level, they'll be shut out again, without a say in legislation and judicial appointments. "We have an energy over the last couple of weeks that people have not seen in the Republican Party, and it feels very much like '16 because they love what we've done, and they want to keep it going". For his largely white, conservative Christian supporters, Trump can do little wrong, and the undeniable uptick in the economy has overcome whatever little reservations they may have had about his personal foibles. Trump and his backers have called it "an invasion" - though the group of a few thousand people, including mothers and children, remains hundreds of miles away - and suggested without proof that there are criminals and terrorists in the crowd of those fleeing violence and poverty.

Legal scholars, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, have said Trump doesn't have the authority to end birthright citizenship. The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!" "It's a sign of their ineffectiveness that they're afraid to do it", said Ed Mattos (70) of Rockville, Maryland, who attended the Sanders rally. "They didn't come trying to storm the border". He said the country is turning around rapidly and will have many quarters like the one that delivered 4.2 percent GDP growth under his presidency.

Both parties have made the election into a de facto referendum on President Donald Trump: Democrats are calling for a "Blue Wave" to block his agenda, while the Republicans are hoping for bigger majorities to overcome Democrat resistance in Congress.

"When it comes to his actions, I'm not a huge fan of his tweets", Panelo said.

"I'm not on the ticket, but I am on the ticket, because this is also a referendum about me", he told a rally in MS recently.

We looked at S&P 500 performance around the 2000 election, in the event that it is unclear who has control of the Senate and/or House after the midterm elections.