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Some 37 million people worldwide are infected with HIV.

Moreover, the rate per 100,000 people was much higher in Eastern Europe - 51.1 - than the 6.4 per 100,000 in Western Europe, the report said.

Eastern Europe and Central Asia is one of only two regions where overall HIV prevalence has not declined in recent years. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of diagnoses in Eastern Europe had increased by 95 percent; between 2008 and 2017, the increase was only 68 percent.

The minister said that the government is committed to make honest efforts for increasing the access to and uptake of HIV preventive and treatment services by engaging with all stakeholders to promote HIV awareness and minimize stigma and discrimination against HIV.

The increase in new HIV diagnoses continued for the WHO European Region as a whole, but its pace was slower than in previous years.

"It is hard to speak of good news, if one looks to another year with unacceptable high probability of paying back", says Zsuzsanna Jakap, Director of the WHO Regional Office Europe.

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Lloyd Russell Moyle has been diagnosed with HIV

"Where human rights for LGBT (people) are not accepted, and are not free and protected for everyone, there can not be efficient HIV prevention", Yoursky said. It is important not to delay if you have put yourself at risk.

Among the types of data the CDC collects: the number and population rates of HIV diagnoses, the number of people living with HIV and the number of people receiving HIV medical care.

Almost 160,000 people were newly infected in Europe past year, and more than 130,000 of those diagnoses were among people in the East - the most ever recorded there, CNN reported. Although infections tend to occur as a result of behaviours initiated during adolescence, the HIV diagnosis tends to be established at a later stage.

The latest figures from PHE show that in 2017, 92% of people living with HIV in the United Kingdom have been diagnosed, 98% of those diagnosed were on treatment, and 97% of those on treatment were virally suppressed. The full extent and consequences of the lack of effective, quality HIV prevention and treatment services for adolescents are unknown because many countries do not publish HIV estimates.

Is detected the disease early and consistently treated, can be lowered the amount of virus in the body so far that it is in the case of Tests undetectable, and the Affected are not contagious. The predominant modes of transmission in these countries were heterosexual transmission and transmission through injecting drug use. Participants expressed governments' firm commitment to scale up efforts to implement the Action Plan for the Health Sector Response to HIV in the WHO European Region and achieve the 90-90-90 targets.

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