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German authorities are investigating the reason for an electronics failure on Chancellor Angela Merkel's plane that cut short her trip to the Group of 20 summit. The aircraft landed safely in Cologne about 9 p.m., with journalists on board reporting no injuries.

He also said that the back of the Buenos Aires government delegation will take another plane, the air force of Germany.

The government Airbus, which was en route to Buenos Aires, turned around over the Netherlands about an hour into the flight, the German news agency dpa reported.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down from Airbus "Konrad Adenauer" on late November 29, 2018 on the tarmac of Cologne's airport after an emergency landing.

It was not yet clear whether Merkel could hold her planned talks at a later stage with US President Donald Trump, Russia's Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping of China.

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Around 425,000 U.S. troops and 118,000 coalition forces were mobilized for weeks of aerial strikes and a 100-hour ground battle. Iraq, led by Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait after accusing it of stealing oil and conspiring to influence oil prices.

The plane, which was operated by the German air force, had a communications systems failure, according to a military spokesman.

Merkel's spokeswoman later stressed that there was never any "danger to life and limb" of those aboard.

German media said that the Chancellor and her Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, were expected to travel on to Argentina on Friday, possibly on a scheduled flight. The plane was able to communicate by satellite despite the problem with its radio system.

There were few early signs of trouble on board the flight, aside from a frozen video screen that would normally show the progress of the flight.

The plane was diverted to the Cologne/Bonn airport and landed without incident.