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The 7.0-magnitude quake that rocked buildings and destroyed sections of highways yesterday in Anchorage - sending panicked people running into the streets and briefly triggering a tsunami warning - was strong enough to be detected 4,500 miles away in MA.

The first quake in Alaska struck around 9:30 a.m. PT and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) says it was at a depth of 41 kilometres, about 13 km north of Anchorage.

There was a brief tsunami warning issued for coastal regions of Cook Inlet and the Southern Kenai Peninsula, though it was later canceled, reports NPR.

A auto is trapped on a collapsed section of the offramp off of Minnesota Drive in Anchorage, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

An quake of magnitude 7.0 and higher can cause, at minimum, considerable damage in normal structures and can destroy poorly constructed structures, according to the USGS.

Still, hundreds of aftershocks frayed nerves Saturday as people anxious about being caught in more massive shakers.

"That scared the crud out of everybody, and everybody's freaking out a little bit", another rattled Alaskan said Friday afternoon, as students dove under their desks to take cover as the quake rocked classrooms.

Anchorage airport temporarily halted incoming and outgoing flights after the air control tower was evacuated.

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When it finally ended, team member Sadie Blake, 15, said, "I started crying". Schools have been closed until December 10, which should also reduce traffic.

Governor Bill Walker said he had issued a disaster declaration and was in direct contact with the White House, which said President Donald Trump was monitoring the situation.

In the caption, she said: "This is what happened on the 6th floor of the Nesbett Courthouse during the Anchorage #earthquake". CNN reports that attorneys in the Nesbett Courthouse in Anchorage resorted to hiding under their desks until the seismic showed signs of letting up.

In Kenai, southwest of Anchorage, Brandon Slaton was soaking in his bathtub when the quake struck. Slaton, who weighs 209 pounds, said it created a powerful back-and-forth sloshing that threw him out of the tub. Slaton put the fish in a bowl. People were also left without power.

The reason Alaska sees so many earthquakes is because the 49th state sits over a major fault line between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. In connection with a powerful natural disaster to the people of Alaska asked the President of the United States Donald trump.

David Harper was in a coffee shop when the quake began and said the sound intensified and sounded "like the building was just going to fall apart".

The quake, which lasted over four minutes, and the tsunami it triggered, claimed about 130 lives. "You could tell that it was a bad one".

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