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The Conservative MP said the Home Office was not taking the matter "seriously enough".

He wrote: "Unfortunately, this means that there are no easy answers. I am calling for our Border Force cutters now cruising the Mediterranean to return to United Kingdom waters and form a new Dover Patrol to take back control of our borders immediately".

The six Iranian men were discovered on a beach in Kent along with a rigid-hulled inflatable boat they are believed to have traveled in from France, British officials said.

The two countries' interior ministers, the UK's Sajid Javid and France's Christophe Castaner, spoke to each other by phone over the weekend and have both tweeted about the plan.

"What we want to make sure is that we continue to work with the French so that people are prevented from leaving beaches in northern France; to make sure we are providing joint operations both in terms of intelligence (and) policing; and indeed when people are out on the water assisting the French response".

He added: "While we have obligations to genuine asylum seekers... we will not stand by and allow reckless criminals to take advantage of some of the most vulnerable people in our global society".

He said on Saturday: "The situation in the Channel is of grave concern, with people gambling their lives in reckless attempts to reach the United Kingdom in unsafe boats and treacherous conditions".

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A planned meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi was scrapped and replaced by a phone call, the premier's office said. Trump has argued that the U.S. now no longer needs to be present in Syria as the ISIS terror group has been defeated.

And the MP for Dover and Deal, Charlie Elphicke called for all five of the Border Force's Cutters to be deployed in the Channel as a "powerful deterrent".

The latest group to make it across the Channel landed on the beach in Lydd-on-Sea at 6am - just hours before the home secretary arrived for talks with government officials about how to prevent more migrant crossings from France.

Border Force officials were called at 7.30am and detained the men who were handed over to be processed by immigration officers after receiving a medial assessment.

Tackling organised criminal gangs behind attempted Channel crossings is an "operational priority" for the NCA, who are working with their French counterparts.

Channel crossings were not a major problem in recent years but started to increase in November. "Ultimately the buck stops with the Home Secretary".

She told the Guardian: "There's no question that, with Brexit and also with the approach of the meaningful vote in January, people are being whipped up about migration issues, because the government thinks this is the best way of frightening people to vote for their deal".