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"It could be a long time", Trump told reporters during a cabinet meeting, "or it could be quickly".

"The president's not going to sign it". He has asked lawmakers back to the White House on Friday to talk some more.

Instead, his main benchmark for political decision-making is how he thinks his stances resonate with his base of supporters. The White House has called the two-part package a "non-starter". But neither side offered any indication a deal was within reach, suggesting the partial shutdown could continue indefinitely.

Experience a odd sense of deja vu after witnessing President Donald Trump's strategy to end the partial government shutdown in his first encounter with a divided Congress? The measure sets up the first major battle of the new Congress between House Democrats led by Pelosi and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has said Senate Republicans will not approve a spending measure Trump does not support. At Yosemite, trash is piling up because of a lack of funds to haul it away.

The District of Columbia has stopped issuing marriage licenses because of cutbacks to its funding, and the Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, and a number of other agencies have suspended or scaled back a range of services for families and businesses. But Republican leaders in the House refused to hold a vote on the measure.

There were no signs that anyone planned to budge on Wednesday.

"Are you willing to come up and give him some of this money for the wall?"

CNN previously reported that Vice President Mike Pence proposed $2.5 billion for a combination border security and immigration funding last week, but was rebuffed by Schumer. But Trump on Wednesday said he would never accept that deal.

Asked about that proposal Wednesday, Trump said: "No, not $2.5 (billion), no".

Republican congressional leaders say the president has asked them and top Democrats to return to the White House on Friday for a second briefing on border security as the partial government shutdown continues. Outside economists and trade experts, however, said the revisions in the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has rebranded the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, will not bring in to the U.S. Treasury anywhere near what is necessary to pay for a wall. This is also not true. Democrats have offered roughly a fifth of that amount for border security, but not wall construction.

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Publicly, Mr. Trump is sticking to his demand for $5 billion for a wall on the southern border. He also criticized Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, for visiting Hawaii.

"Border Security and the Wall "thing" and Shutdown is not where Nancy Pelosi wanted to start her tenure as Speaker!"

"The president and I have had a little tiff", Coulter said. He also promised Mexico would pay for the wall. More important, what extra money does come in will be from tariffs, which are paid by people in the US, not Mexico. He recently offered a picture on Twitter of a series of vertical posts with pointy tips, but other government officials said they were not planning to erect anything that looked like this.

Speaking during the Cabinet meeting, Trump said he was sure the Supreme Court would side with him and that the administration would then be able to make a deal easily on the Dreamers and the wall.

He has since blamed Democrats for the shutdown.

Democrats sought to ramp up pressure on Republicans Wednesday to reopen the government. "He could not give a good answer", Schumer said.

Despite the far-reaching impacts of the shutdown, much of the federal government has not been touched. That measure would provide money through the remainder of the fiscal year, to September 30. "This isn't just a border, this is national security".

The partial government shutdown began on December 22. Democrats intend to introduce a pair of funding bills that would end the shutdown, but without federal funding for a border wall. "The Vatican has the biggest wall of them all". National parks remain shut down too, but some are being used anyway. They work 100 percent.

The current shutdown is the longest since a 16-day partial shutdown in 2013 over the Affordable Care Act. In past shutdowns, Congress has approved retroactive pay once the impasse has been resolved.

This article was written by Erica Werner and Damian Paletta, reporters for The Washington Post.