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But President Trump is already making an effort to ensure the lingering questions over her claims of Native American heritage - and her attempt to substantiate them - will follow her to the first caucus state.

Warren has been an emerging national figure for more than a decade as an advocate for consumer protection, now a senator and a regular target of President Donald Trump. "I wish I could just open the door and have lots of folks in, but this is a way to do it", she said, adding that her beer of choice is Michelob Ultra, what she called "the club soda of beers".

Warren, who gave her first interview since announcing her presidential run on MSNBC Wednesday night, said that she believes her party needs to come together on the issue of campaign funding.

Warren also defended her decision to host a live Instagram event on New Year's Eve from the kitchen of her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

"We're now in the 13th day of the shutdown, we have hundreds of thousands of federal employees not getting their paychecks and work that's not being done all around this country", she said.

Bird Box mania and the memes that took over the internet
Plenty of folks share Netflix accounts , so some of those Bird Box viewings may be by more than one person at once. As Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment apparently put it: "independently verified by. uh, Netflix".

He suggested that she's a weak candidate, however, as he said of her ability to win: 'Well, I don't know, you'd have to ask her psychiatrist'.

In late 2018, Warren took a DNA test that was consistent with the her having a single Native American ancestor. "I'm gonna get me a beer", leaving the frame, rattling about in her icebox, and then taking a big gulp from the bottle once she was back onscreen.

"We'll see how she does", he said. She was the original force behind the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a regulatory body charged with policing the behavior of large swaths of US financial and banking sectors.

But this weekend's trip will be her first swing through Iowa since she stumped for a Senate candidate there in 2014 - making her a latecomer to the state following visits by possible presidential candidates including Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and a particularly buzzy speech by Cory Booker last fall.

Elizabeth Warren kicked off a 3-day tour of Iowa on a mission to fight. Bernie Sanders during his presidential run in 2016 - or hamper it.