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Oklahoma City-County Health Department Executive Director Gary Cox says this flu season isn't as severe as last, and flu shots are still encouraged for everyone over 6-months-old.

"For the current season, the H3N2 strain included in the vaccine has been updated to better match the circulating strain, which will hopefully result in better protection against this strain compared to previous year", Durham said. We start off with one and gradually when you get into the new year, you often see a different strain taking over. Thirty-one were treated in intensive care units.

The two main strains infecting people are the H3N2, and the H1N1 strains.

Last week the Arkansas Department of Heath reported that four people had died as a result of the flu since its last report more than two weeks earlier.

According to the Colorado Department of Health, almost 1,000 people have been hospitalized with the flu so far this season. "Our peak numbers have been over 300 patients a day".

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There have been flu-related deaths in other states, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting a widespread presence of the flu virus in at least about half of the country.

One of those was two-year-old Kaelynn Hansen, who died on December 8 at Saskatoon's Royal University Hospital.

Twelve-year-old Quinton Kequahtooway, for example, is very lucky to be alive. Doctors said there is nearly something called "herd immunity" where you try and surround yourself around people who also got the shot.

"We were totally in shock", his father, Wesley Kequahtooway, told CTV News. An estimated 960,000 people were hospitalized and an estimated 79,000 died due to flu complications during the 2017-2018 flu season. Now recovering, he will be returning to his community this week. The majority of people who hadn't been vaccinated already, 41 percent of the total sample, said they were not planning to get the shot at all. That, he added, will not happen again. "We don't want anybody going through what we had to go through this past month". Flu cases have also been confirmed at University Park.

Anyone experiencing trouble breathing, high fever that lasts for several days or those with chronic health conditions are advised to see a physician.

Whereas the CDC says everybody over 6 months outdated ought to get the vaccine, they stress that it's youngsters below 5, pregnant ladies, seniors, and people will compromise free programs which, if not vaccinated, are most vulnerable to contracting the illness and ending up with severe well-being issues in outcome. This season's batch, moreover, is being touted as much more effective than last year's.