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When is February 2019 Nintendo Direct happening?

When Nintendo announced it would be hosting a surprise Nintendo Direct stream in February, it promised to focus on Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Switch - but the tactical fantasy franchise was easily overshadowed by other announcements. Just don't get up your hopes for any Metroid news.

The showcase - which is due to start at 10pm - is rumoured to contain a lot of new announcements, including both brand new games and remasters of titles found on Nintendo's last console, the Wii U. As usual, Nintendo will host streams of the broadcast on its official website and Twitch channels.

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Strap on your tin foil hats folks, there's a new Nintendo Direct on the horizon.

Of course, a lonesome addition of slopes wouldn't be enough to slap a number 2 on the title, Nintendo also made it clear that there is much more content packed into this sequel. The reveal at E3 a year ago showed us it features the familiar grid-based gameplay of previous entries, but with some notable changes, such as armies battling each other in combat and a 3D world for players to explore.

As always, make sure to treat this information as speculation for now - we're sure we'll learn more about the game's release date during the Nintendo Direct later today. All we know about the game beyond snippets of footage is that its launching in Spring 2019 and will be the first mainline FE game on the Switch.